UDC service problems

I believe posting a problem like that may be useful for the community, but PLEASE stop making it personal! Religion is not supposed to be mixed with business…

I believe you know well our community, and after posting here probably you’ll win some enemies, cause UDC is a companie that teached and learned with us!

I know UDC very well, and they’re usually really fast to solve problems, that’s why I find the behavior you described pretty weird, but I would like to know how that will finish!

UDC will probably find a solution for you, and agreement… i dont know! just don’t try to find the solution here on the forums!


Pedro :smiley:

whoa, I didn’t know this thread was about goats on a unicycle.

The whole things jsut seems silly and dumb on both parts.

One, UDC was saying they were having server problems. Most companies shutdown until tis fixed and bring everything back in the next few days. UDC tried to keep business running as smooth as they can. And with tech going wrong, who knows what they are and arent getting in.

And after knowing that, you still try to place orders. I dont care if im running a business or not. Knowing there are problems, id wait for the few days and once they are fixed, then go back to regular day ordering.

But it seems to me trying to order during their problem caused problems for your order. UDC trying to correct it sent some of the parts air mail to get to you as soon as possible to make up for whatever was going on before. Then you get mistakenly charged for who knows what reason for it. Maybe that long note you sent wasnt too clear? Who knows.

But the whole “Bring it on” doesnt sound bad to me. If Amy is trying to get the business back to normal and saying that you can say whatever you want cause she isnt going to stop, then good for her.

The whole religious part was just not needed.

So my advice to both companies. Shut up. Grow up. Make mistakes, fix mistakes, live with mistakes and get back to business.

Nope. Its obviously about Christianity. God wanted UDC to spread and multiply. Which is sinful. And that way Jackie can get more unicycles easier for himself and friends.

So I guess it is about Jackie. =p

A few facts Jerrick,

We did as we were told by UDC over the phone. We were not told to order several days later. If that would have been easier for them then we surely would have done so.

I understand computer issues. Our main computer hard drive has been going down and we have been telling customers that shipments are delayed and until a few minutes ago could not provide the normal receipts.

We were sent our shipment 2 Day Air. Cross country (normally 7 days), oversized (more extra charges) when we have never requested air. No one called us, no one questioned it. I am a former UPS driver, I fully know the absurdity of shipping a unicycle air. I am a frugal person, it’s why we are still around in this economy. We did not make a mistake, yet UDC is expecting us to pay for it.

If I saw a mormon unicyclist getting drunk and he constantly sent me propaganda and promoted himself to the world as being a good mormon I’d call him on that too.

We know the family of the first Oregonian killed in Iraq. He was killed the day Bush said “bring it on”. It was terrible when Amy stated it to us as well.


I bought some cranks from UDC.

:Dlol…because it rings some truth. Where’s the Love?

Tom, you are a statesman. That was a more elegant way to express dissatisfaction.

Me too, just last week. It’s the only place I could find them.

The smart thing for the rest of us to do would be to not post in this thread, but I wanted to respond to this part:

Wow, I’m an ex UPS driver too! Now your UPS experience may have differed from mine, but in my case I didn’t even load the truck. I was just assigned to a truck and given an unrealistic expectation of how long it should take to deliver the contents.

I have also delivered ice cream, photofinishing and pizzas (in 30 minutes or less!). And with all that experience I certainly do not know all about shipping. I’m sorry you are having these problems but they aren’t going to get fixed here. Shipment errors have, unfortunately, been a constant problem for UDC for some time, but it sounds like there is more going on here than simple errors made in shipping contents and speed methods.


When I worked for UPS I drove, loaded, unloaded, worked with customs, brokerage, traced packages and anything else I could learn. Now I get to experience the other side of thing from a business perspective. So yes I am quite familiar with air and its costs.

Are you still a partner in UDC?
I expected more of you than to belittle and make fun of this. I thought you might be some voice of reason. No this really is a $175 shipping service issue which Amy chooses to stick us with.


Awesome. Plus you have your own company shipping stuff out. So much for the humor I was attempting to convey at the wrong time.

I have no involvement in the day-to-day operations of UDC and have no information on which to comment. Sounds like the major problem here is a disagreement on who ordered/requested/approved the 2-day shipping. I cannot answer that for you but with your experience you must be aware of the rights of the customer in these types of situations. I recommend you follow whatever procedures the law recommends in this case, and I hope it will all work out in the end.

Yes, we ordered when and how UDC asked us to order. Even though it was a big hassle for us to jump around (computer to phone to computer) Shopping carts constantly getting dumped… We did not approve/want/use 2 Day air shipping. I personally did the order with Ben checking behind me.

Amy’s attitude? We EAT the $175 extra shipping or we do not order from UDC again.

So much for her putting things right even with all UDCs server and shipping problems.

If you are a financial partner in UDC I would have thought you might have an interest in helping to resolve things.

(I even have a photo of me with Hoffa… (Jr) )

I think people should publicly comment on their dealings with a company.

That said, most of mine are alright, though they do make a lot of mistakes and I end up calling them over, it’s good for the most part. They have completely forgotten to send me things, but sent others in the same order, never calling me at all. A bit ridiculous going through that over and over.

I do, because it’s always a good thing for any unicycle business to have happy customers. However nothing is going to get resolved here, no matter how many posts you reply to. You have been given a load of smart advice by the people above. You can continue to post here, but all you’ll get is discussion. I don’t think it’s in the best interests of UDC to get involved in a discussion of this nature in a public forum, so don’t expect to draw anyone from Marietta in here. I am also finished posting in this thread.

I have heard of people getting a few things wrong with their orders from UDC US, but I have ordered from them tons of times (too many to count) in the past 5 years or so and I have had no problems with any of my orders and every one of my wheels has been built extremely well. My coker wheel held strong for 2 years and stayed true the whole time.

Actually I think I remember one order where something was left out (I can’t remember what it was) of my order, but with a quick call, they were able to ship me the missing part free of charge. I have always found UDC US very approachable and they have always been quick to help me with any questions I have had.

I believe that this post got started because Ben tried every normal and reasonable way to resolve a dispute. I’ve found Ben to be easy to work with and better than average communicator about stuff going on with my orders - and I’ve never really felt this way when I ordered stuff from UDC.

I’ve experienced some of the customer service issues that they have and now I prefer to place my UDC orders with Ben because he insulates me from the UDC ordering process, the shipping mistakes that UDC makes, I save a buck or two on shipping and SJ automatically recycles all the Jesus literature that I’d otherwise get as packing materials from UDC:). I just never could figure out the connection between unicycles and Jesus. Maybe someone could explain this linkage to me - or better yet, help me establish/market a new mojo connection between unicycles and Jim Jones or Unicycles and Ghandi. If we gotta have a deceased ideological sport sponsor, I think I’m ready to give some 20th century charismatic dead guys a go.

I also like supporting a local biz that stocks 30 unicycles, speaks unicycles and is like 10 blocks form my house. If I were Ben and Yvette, I’d be frustrated with UDC too, especially since SJ appears to be one of their larger customers. If I were UDC, in the current economic climate, I’d be trying to make friends out there, not developing big customers with a grudge. Its a bummer that this sort of dirty laundry gets thrown about, but maybe this will light a fire under UDC to reconsider how they do business.


It’s UDC bashing time !

They have messed up most of my orders, sending only some of the stuff, but hitting my card for the full amount. I think that sucks as a business policy. Other web sites do not treat me like that. It can take months to get money re credited to my account after this type of “mistake”, that has happened to me so often that I believe it is UDC company policy.

Serious Juggling sells the Torker lx 20 for 109$, while UDC wants full retail. I am glad that Serious Juggling wishes to post on the forum. I am curious what Serious Juggling might tell us about unicycle distribution. A bit off the subject, but what can you tell us about how the uni distribution system works?:slight_smile:

Worthless facts.

Still seems like this is what to do. No reason to drag it out anywhere where nothing get solved.


I only ever glance at the UDC Complaint threads.
To me it’s academic as I’m extremely unlikely to ever deal with them.
But I have kinda noticed them in the background.
And how many there have been.
Where there’s smoke, no?

Another perspective on posting this kind of complaint on a forum such as this:

Most companies pay small fortunes for research that will give them this kind of feedback.
It may not be the prettiest sight, but it can be invaluable to the company in question.
If they pay attention.

I dislike UDC.
I havn’t ever had a SINGLE transaction with them that was pleasent.
Sometimes they even charge me for stuff that I didn’t buy and they didn’t send.

You guys should start buying stuff dirrectly and stop screwing with them?
I’d buy everything from you if you did that.

They have a monopoly on unicycles and can act as stupid as they want.