UDC Sale on 29's & 36's

Check out the sale prices being offered at UDC


Cool. I got a similar deal for a KH 29" from Unicycle.co.nz. It’s a good cycle but the new ones are better- the seat tube is ridiculously short on that model partly due to the crown tube going all the way through, preventing you from putting the seatpost down to the tire. With the double hole cranks it doesn’t give you much room for error when cutting the seatpost, if you cut it a bit shorter to allow for the 150mm crank hole it might end up too short for optimum riding height on the 125mm hole. I’m in the habit of cutting seatposts too long because you can’t uncut it, and so when I got this cycle I think I cut a bit too much off to save having to cut it twice (partly fooled by the shorter than normal seat tube). Just be careful when cutting! I love my KH29"!

The Coker frame is way better anyway.

I understand the reason for the KH29 2007 and the old Nimbus 36 being on sale, but the ISIS Numbuses? What does UDC have in the works that makes them want to get rid of these?

holy crap! i totally hope i get paid this week! i really want to get a 29er, and that’s an insane deal!!

Go for it, you will never regret it!

Hmmm…someday maybe I’ll get a 29er…

I am sooo tempted by the KH29… but I’m holding out to get a KH36 (the wife already gives me funny looks when I talk about getting another uni)

I get the same looks. I try to remind her that there are worse vices than unicycle addiction.

Just bought a KH29er on sale

Thanks for the thread alert Harley! I just bought one of these sale KH29ers, and really glad I waited, a great deal! I’ve been poking around UDC filling the cart with 29er parts at least 5 times and never hit the purchase key. This was the only missing wheel size in my collection. Now just need to find a way to explain to the wife why I need another UNI…

Glad I could be of help. I take no responsibilty for angry wives though. I have one of those to deal with on my own.:wink:

I bit this 29er deal hard. I take back things I have posted elsewhere about UDC’s markup being too high. This is a really good deal. I think there are only 5 (or less) left so beware fence sitters.

I just ordered one. Thanks Harley. I really wanted one. I couldn’t do it at $599 but I can at $350. I bought a Nimbus Muni 24" in Orange last week and my wife had me order her a Nimbus 20" trials uni this week. It paved the way for the 29 this week. I just hope I got in under the wire. It said 6 left and after I ordered it still said 6 left. So, who knows how many are really left. It ran my card. I just hope I get a shipping confirmation tomorrow. I can’t wait!!!


Okay, I just ordered one too. Hopefully I got one of the “last 6” ---- my wife really thinks I’ve gone off the deep end now. I guess I’ll have to wait a while before I venture into getting a KH36. The 29er should help satisfy my itch for a while.

Yay! i ordered one of the last 2007 kh 29s (last night) and just called to confirm i did get it! i would suggest calling to confirm your order, it sounds like they may have had several more orders than unis!! I’m pretty stoked! can’t wait to take it on some trails!!

I just called and they said all of the orders from last night are getting filled. Now we wait with baited breath for the magic package to arrive…

I can’t wait!!

kh 29

Thanks Harley,

I’ve been wanting one of these for awhile, but couldn’t justify the cost to my wife cuz of remodeling expenses on the house. This is gonna have to fly with her because I ordered one as soon as I read your posting. I can’t wait to ride it. There were 4 remaining when I called UDC this afternoon.

Do you know how many are left right now??? I really want one but will have to coax my mom and dad as a really reallly early b- day present=) my b- day isn’t till june but this is just nagging at me I want to order one tonight=)

Whats the dif between the 07 and the 08 ?