UDC Sale - Nimbus ISIS cycles

Cycles currently on sale:

Nimbus II 20 (Blue & Red)
Nimbus II 24 (Blue & Red)
Nimbus X 20
Nimbus X 24

Check em’ out! :slight_smile:

man… sale on the freestyle’s but not on Trials :frowning:

you got my hopes up and smashed them quite quickly.

The Nimbus ISIS 19" is already cheap enough and is an awesome deal as it is.

I would take this as an opportunity to upgrade if splined cranks were not so expensive and if I wasn’t already making plans for a new trials uni

All of those unis have double walled, so upgrade the cranks to Moments and they can take a beating. The nimbus II’s could work especially well as street unicycles.

I definitely agree here. The Nimbus ISIS 19" unis are an incredible deal at the price they are at.

THAT IS SOOOO CHEAP! I WANT IT!But I’m not aloud…:frowning:

I was about to make this thread today. had the title typed out and started with the body, but decided not to.

I also looked at the pile of cash on my desk and was about to buy one of the 24" cycles, then noticed it wasnt the Muni version. I didnt do it.

I need to look at what rim it has and see if the only change needs to be the tire and cranks.

Still ahve to the 30th though, so maybe.

i want the nimbus x. im not big on freestyle but there isnt a lot of trials or muni stuff where i live and that is what i like doing so i guess i have to settle with freestyle and flat between trips to riding spots. oh well it just gives me tricks with which to impress people.

I wish that sale was in Australia, pooh…