UDC Mistake =(

I just received my DX24" from UDC.usa, and it would appear no one saw that the receiving end on the fork for the bearing housing wasn’t machined on one side, one side was cut correctly to receive the nut, but the other side on the fork is still rounded out. Someone tell me I’m crazy and it’s supposed to be that way, but I’m pretty sure this is a defect.


i had 2 spokes missing when I got my new rim/tire/spokes
then they sent the spokes w/o nipples, then they sent the wrong nippples, im going to the bikeshop.

…how do you miss spokes missing? :thinking:

I have no clue what you’re saying.

The bearing caps should have round counter-sinks for the alan heads to go in.

The frame itself should have the same shape as the lock nuts.

right, one side is rounded instead of 6 sided. It never got machined to fit the nut. The nut won’t sit flush in the channel of the fork.

Ah… time to call Torker.

I’m sorry to hear of that happening with your frame. To my knowledge, UDC doesn’t open the boxes, so they get shipped to you in the same condition they recieved them. I’d say call UDC about it and they will do everything they can to help you out. And Skrobo, about the spokes and nipples, that sucks, I feel your frustration. They are only human though. I would agree that it is safer to get spokes and nipples at a local bike shop though.

Should have bought a QU-AX.

with which frame :sunglasses:


he doesn’t want the uni to last him forever, he needs an excuse to get a KH dude!

about the spokes, luckily i had some in my BC wheel that were EXACTLY the same length, so i stuck them on there and colored them splotchy white w/ white out.

You just made me want white spokes.

If something is really wrong, you need to contact UDC and get it replaced.

Should have gotten a koxx…

thats what she said. Yeah, i think probably first email UDC and see what they say.

Which begs the question: So what is their value-add?


I think questions with that level of specificity should actually be filed in this thread, which is devoted to just that level of conversation.

Their value-add is that they stock all major unicycles and parts in one place, with an easy to use online shopping facility and a wealth of unicycle knowledge. But if you can get a DX form the lbs then this all a little questionable.

So to fix it I went and bought 2 .25" longer alan wrench socket screws, using an inch pounder I was able to get equal clamp on the bearings this way, a much faster solution than sending the fork back =D