UDC Cr-mo Square Taper hub

Hey, I bought the Nimbus X 24" wheel that is laced to this hub for MUni riding (college student, no money for anything better). I’m gonna try to get out west to do one of these MUni weekends this year and was wondering if anyone had ever broken or bent the axle on one of these hubs. Also, I have the ProWheel alloy superlight crankarms. I haven’t heard anything on these either. My only concern is getting out there and halfway through the weekend getting stuck without a Uni.

The UDC hubs are pretty strong and should be fine as long as you don’t do huge drops. I’ve ridden thousands of miles of roughish xc muni on mine with no problems (I’ve got ProWheel cranks on mine as well). Just make sure you do the cranks up tight (with a torque wrench if you can, to 35 or 40 lbf) and you’ll be fine. Just stay away from big drops, that’s what breaks axles (I don’t do anything more than about 18").


yeah, stay away from large drops, and be sure to check crank tightness occassionally. say before/after a long ride. i rode moab once on a square taper and it was fine, did a few 2-foot+ drops but all were gently rolled out and all that. held up great. then i sold it and another guy did moab on the same wheel and it’s still in one piece.

Thanks for the help ya’ll. I wish I had the money to get a splined setup. Still trying to decide between a 24", 26", or 29" wheel for the eventual upgrade. I went ahead and got the Nimbus X 29er frame so would have the choice.

Since you already have a 24, I’d build that frame up as a 29, w/ similar setup, unless a want to ride fast and do big drops at the same time, assuming they come up with a good 29 DH tire, none yet. I hear the Kenda Nevegal 29X2.2 w/ a 26 heavy duty tube is a really good setup and good for 18 inch drops @ 22 psi. Check Vivalargo’s past posts.

Here it is

Cool, thanks. I think I’m gonna get a 24" Koxx Track Monster wheel when I get the money together. That way I already have a tire. I’ll prolly build up a 29" too later on for road riding and lighter cross country MUni. I figure I won’t be doing any high drops on a larger wheel so a square taper hub will do fine.

nice choice, bit cheaper than the KH and you get the 140mm cranks, which are shorter so more speed :smiley:

alot fo people will tell you to get the KH24, but heck i think they are very similar, and they weigh nearly the same despite the KH haveing an aluminium frame.

Yeah, the real deciding factor was that the KH Moment hubs aren’t available till April, and Moab is in March. Plus it would cost more to build up a Moment wheel.