UDC carbon base and other stuff

Selling various stuff on facebook UDC carbon saddle
2 frames, 20" wheel, cranks

Please, if the price are OP or too low, feel free to write me

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I’m interested but I cannot see the photos, links are out !

Payment using Paypal as friend. Add 10% for as a buyer/seller

  1. Almost new and unused (coming from a never-learnt unicycle beginner) 20" Qu-ax ISIS wheel. (bearings, tire and every part are almost new). 48 spokes, Kenda kinetics 2.35", alloy 6061-T6 rim (406x32), Schrader tube, weight: 2,4kg. 60€+shipping

  2. used white alu 20" Reagent frame (choose the one you prefer, they are the same except for the decals). Weight: 0,5kg +bearing caps and bolts: 35€ + shipping each

  3. Qu-ax light 125 ISIS cranks (almost new) 17€ + shipping

  4. Impact addict 140 ISIS cranks (used) 25€ + shipping

Selling a UDC Carbon base, 8 predrilled squared holes 2 predrilled round hole . Weight: 0,21kg + bolts and nuts. The carbon base is in perfect working order and the holes are perfectly drilled and aligned. Payment Paypal only (90€ as a friend, 100€ as a buyer, + shipping). Can ship in Europe. Can remount plastic bumpers to prove the right holes position/bumpers alignement/seatpost position

Thank you,
So I’m not interested by these parts.

Lowered the carbon base to 80€ (now it is adequate to market value)

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