UDC 36" Unicycle, Excellent Condition

I bought this UDC 36’er to use in school and community uni sessions. It’s literally had less than one hour of use as it turns out that over the last 7 months or so everyone is interested in either MUni, Trials or Street, not the big wheel :frowning:

The uni has a Stealth rim and Nightrider tire. The spikey rubber thingies are still on the tire. The seat and bumpers are unmarked. The pedals are also hardly marked at all but TBH I would replace them as to me they feel to small and flimsy on the 36’er.

The uni lists on UDC for $495. Selling for $350 ONO, not including delivery (pick up preferred)


Hey Pete,
I’m interested in the unicycle + the 150mm moment cranks.
Contact me at CDTHale@gmail.com

okay thanks, will do.

Other goodies have sold, but bumping this thread as uni is still available for sale.

Thought the UDC 36 was sold but didn’t turn out that way. We’re moving house and I’m keen to sell it.

Price is now $300AU, not including delivery, pick up preferred (located ~75mins west of Melbourne)

On eBay now for $275

uni is sold, thanks!