UDC $250 Gift Certificate For Sale $200

I was given a $250 gift certificate at work for Unicycle.com USA that I want to sell for $200 I can send you the email except for the gift # so you can read the fine print. And for verification that it is transferable. As soon as I have the money from you I will give you the gift code. (unless I know you already)

I am just doing other things right now, restoring a Yamaha XT350 and would rather have the $200 right now.


Oh, and I didn’t mean I need to know you personally. If you are a long time forum member I wouldn’t need the money up front.

Is the gift certificate transferable to British Pounds Sterling?

My offer is $150.00, assuming UDC says its good.

You could convert it to British Pounds Sterling but you would still have to spend it at UDC USA

Nope, $200 or I will just spend it myself.

This can be closed, I am purchasing this.

Thanks all for looking.