UCC with stair jump and BC.

Just a short video I made, basically testing my new point & shoot sony w-290, that shoots video in 720p HD widescreen! It’s great since its small size is ideal for my UCC. The opening part was shot at the Point Fermin cliffs in San Pedro, CA. Absolutely beautiful, panoramic ocean views on this day! After that I shot a stair jump using my UCC, just to see how it would come out with such a short line. Surprised nobody stopped me, lol! :slight_smile:

The second half is the standard definition 4:3, and you can really see the difference! (I had forgotten to set it back to HD!:() This footage is the riding through a small rock garden, and then on my BC with the UCC going, which was a special challenge. Also you will see a static shot the UCC tracking me as I ride. I glides down the cable smooth as butta! :smiley:

I love the hd vids, it makes watching them on full screen so much better.

The only downside to this camera, unlike my sony w-80, is that is records video in MP4 format, which my PC does NOT recognize. So I have to convert it, and therein lies the problem. Not only is it an extra step that takes more time, but when I convert to wmv it saves only at 25 fps, instead of 30 as it was recorded, so the resulting conversion is “choppy” since I lose 5 fps. And I can’t choose the frame rate with this particular converter.

So my next choice was to save it as an avi, and that did let me choose the frame rate, and codec. I used xvid. But it also gives me a huge choice of different video “bitrates”. I didn’t know what to choose, starting at 64 and going up to 12,000, so I figured that higher is better, so I went with 7,000. How do you know the proper bitrate to use? I would hope it would be automatically set, depending on the size and resolution of the clip.

That’s just crazy talk!!!
As always Terry … I like seeing your skills and verve.

Thanks Sean, and I am waiting for your next viddy, so hurry, I’m not getting any younger, lol! :stuck_out_tongue:

Right in the middle of the MN State Fair right now. Hopping up and riding down some stairs in my show and hopping off a 3 ft box then 5 feet off of the stage and then some comedy … hummedda, hummeda.
Two more state fairs and other shows until Oct. 25 then camping so I do not know when i will squeeze a video in. I want to though because I finally hit a 180 and need to film that.

Wow, FIVE FEET? That’s BIG! Why not just tape your show? I know Youtube has a 10 min limit, but you could always edit down to the uni parts. :smiley:

nice vid !

the UCC makes your vid look so pro :stuck_out_tongue:

I love that song too :smiley:

Thanks. Yeah that sounds just like Floys but it’s a cover. I used it so YT wouldn’t mute it. So far so good! :slight_smile: