U Games Male Street Finals

Heres zone 1

Other 2 zones coming soon

Sweet! Thanks for uploading it!

Zone 2


Sweet. But who was who?

pink uni: Hugo
orange shirt: Kevin (Kartchner)
no shirt: Miles
blue shirt: Forrest
tie dye shirt: Max

Zone 3


Sorry about bad quality of the videos but i reduced file size cause it was taking forever

Why no sound? but it was awesome!

So far watched 2 parts, here my personal judging.

Overall standing after 2 parts:
1.Max (followed closely by)
3.Hugo (behind forrest by almost nothing)

EDIT: After 3 parts

Overall standing after the 3 sections:
1.Max (standed out clearly in the 3rd section)
3.Forrest (JUST behind, so really close with hugo)
5.Kevin (way better than section 1 & 2)

too lazy to put music in and my camera is broken

Quite dissapointed really, no offense guys. Looked like an off day for everyone, no one trying any hard tricks?

It was kinda sad, but it was way hard too. In the prelims 5 people shared 2 minutes. It was horrible. A crapload of people come to NAUCC as street riders, and they gave you 2 minutes, or 2 to 3 turns. It was kinda BS.

Bah. Yeah thats rubbish. 2 minutes for 5 people… Better off having 2 minute runs each. That defeats the purpose of having the new rule system.

I’m not sure but I think the prelims were 2.5 minutes, which is still short but I think in most cases its enough to see who should make it to finals. The finals were long enough.

They gave thirty seconds per person, so if your group had 4 you got 2 minutes but if it had 5 you got 2.5 minutes.

how long were the finals?

5 minutes

there was some bigger tech stuff in the prelims but i havnt seen any footage of that yet.
did anyone get colby thomas trey dubing the 5 set?

Thanks for that mike. Did anyone get any footage of the trials? I’d love to see some.

it would have been cool if someone had filmed my wheel exploding

Miles: Warn us next time so we can be prepared for it.