Tyres fair (26 & 29)

Hi everybody,

spring is here (or at least snow is melting away :D) so it is time for spring cleaning !

Maxxis Ardent (hi-res pic)
size: 26x2.4 (ETRTO 58/60-559)
weight: 825g
condition: I rode it only twice. The tread looks almost new (~ 90%).

Continental Diesel (hi-res pic)
size: 26x2.5 (ETRTO 62-559)
weight: 700g
condition: I rode it only three times. Very light. The tread looks almost new (~ 90%).

WTB Exiwolf (hi-res pic of new one / hi-res pic of used one)
size: 29x2.3 (ETRTO 55/50-622)
weight: 800g
condition: One is almost new. Never mounted it. The other one was on my commuter for 2 years. The central tread is worn but there is still life left (side knobs are good).

All prices includes shipping to continental US and are OBO:
Maxxis Ardent 26x2.4 = $40 (MSRP: $55)
Conti Diesel 26x2.5 = $30 (MSRP: $40)
WTB Exiwolf 29x2.3 = $39 (new one) / $28 (used one) (MSRP: ~ $55)

As usual, PM your offer for trades too :slight_smile:

Maxxis Ardent is gone (thanks for the trade LanceB). The other 3 tires are still available for sale or trade :slight_smile:

The almost new WTB Exiwolf and Conti Diesel are gone.

The used WTB is still available :slight_smile: