Tyres and gripping the frame.

>I’d like to know what kinds of tires everyone is using on their unicycles

I use a tyre called ‘Vee rubber’ - made in Thailand. On sale here in the UK for
#6.69 at Halfords. It is a slick tyre with only very few grooves. It has
improved my spin capability dramatically. It is very wide (2.015 inches I think)
which can be a problem on a Sem Trainer as the forks are closer together than on
most unicycles.

> The biggest problem is my frame has a sloping fork which doesn’t give

Apply a strip of grip tape to the frame just where you want you foot to
grip. I’ve seen it on other unicycles and it works! You might have to hunt
for the sort of tape I mean but it is very thick and rough. Anyone know what
it is called?

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