Tyre pressure for Muni

After discussion with a friend today I wanted to see what pressure people use for muni for different unis and tyres.

Here is my preferred choice

KH29G with a WTB Vulpine 2.1 22psi

I have mine relatively soft for rolling over the bumps when I don’t chicken out going over them. :slight_smile:

I don’t do super-technical terrain but I have my tyre pretty hard… Sometimes up to 60psi if I’m riding on the road a lot before I get to the good stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think I ride anything rough enough to have a squishy tyre though :open_mouth:

Might want to add in rider weight:

Rider weight = 200#

Vee Rubber TODD 36 x 2.25, tubeless, 20-22psi
Maxxis Advantage 32 x 2.1 silkweight sidewall, tubed, 25psi
Maxxis Ardent 26 x 2.4 EXO, tubes, 20psi
Schwalbe Hans Dampf Pacestar 29 x 2.35, tubeless = 22psi, tubed 18-20psi
Schwalbe Hans Dampf Trailstar Super Gravity 27.5 x 2.35, tubeless, 16-18psi
Schwalbe Racing Ralph Evo 29 x 2.1. tubes. 25psi
Duro Wildlife 26/24 x 3", tubed, 114-16psi
Sury Knard 27tpi wire bead 29 x 3, tubed 18-20psi

Wow… that’s some selection :slight_smile: … yes weight is an important factor… I am 75kg

Are you certain that you typed that right?


I am positive it is correct

114 - 16 Psi = 98 Divided By 7 = 14 Psi

Sounds good to me!

Thanks Ben for the info. Didnt think the standard Hans would go that low tubeless without burping all the time. I will find out soon enough.

Lol, 'cept I don’t see any 7 in Ben’s figures.

surly knard 18psi
larry 12psi
duro 18 psi

And your weight Mr. knox?

pax: Rider weight = 130#

Vee Rubber TODD 36 x 2.25, FOSS tubed, 18-20psi muni, 35psi xc, 60psi road
Schwalbe Hans Dampf Pacestar 29 x 2.35, tubed 17psi
Duro Wildlife 26 x 3", tubed, 9-10psi
WTB Stout 26 x 2.30 tubed 18-19psi

Weight 84 kg/185 lbs

Duro Wildlife 24 x 3", tubed, 16-17psi

I would like to run lower pressure, but then the rim bottoms out on roots


Weight: 138#

WTB Exiwolf 29x2.3 tubed - 25psi

This is my only tire I found the sweet-spot with. My 26in are still a work in progress… :stuck_out_tongue:

120 lbs

20" Creepy Crawler 12-15 psi
24" Duro 12-15 psi
24" Hookworm 20-25 psi
24" 1.75" learner tire 30-40 psi
29" Ardent 25 psi
36" Night Rider 40 psi

I haven’t done any muni before, but I was wondering, how is it possible to have, 10psi?

Isn’t atmospheric pressure higher than that…so the only thing keeping the tire’s shape is the rubber’s round shape… :astonished: :thinking:

When your pressure meter reads “0 psi” it’s at atmospheric pressure (relative pressure). If it reads 10 psi it’s atmospheric pressure + 10 psi (in absolute pressure).

Tire pressures are measured as gauge pressure, “zero-referenced against ambient air pressure.” 10 psi gauge pressure is 10 psi higher than ambient which would be 24.7 psi absolute pressure, referenced relative to a perfect vacuum.

Cars, motorcycles, trucks, bicycles, and unicycles all do it the same way in this case, fortunately.

(Oh, lamppis had already answered this, but it was on the next page and I didn’t see it before replying.)

I know your question is answered above, but I’d like to add, I wonder if there are tyres out there that are strong enough to hold up without pressure for the squishiest ride ever :smiley: Then again sidewalls THAT tough probably won’t provide too cushy a ride :stuck_out_tongue:

And they would probably be extremely heavy

… non-pneumatic tire…? with slight, hollow core…depending on how sturdy the rubber is