Two Wheels?

This is my latest video i filmed it during haf term. It includes street trials and muni all done on my 20" learner unicycle. Since this video i have learnt rolling180s and riding backwards. Heres the link, sorry about the bad quality.

and heres the link to the bails video that goes with it

Any comments and ideas will be appreciated. thanks.

Well we can safely say you improve quickly :roll_eyes: and still on a learner :astonished: .
I think if you had a trials/street uni you’d look much better and be much better, but it’s good you’re using the full potential of your uni now.

haha yeah thanks. Im getting a nimbus isis uni for christmas so my jump should improve dramatically and my skills should improve very fast. Yeah when i got my unicycle it said ‘do not do extreme unicycling or bunnyhops on this unicycle’ i think its safe to say i proved them wrong and that learner unis are quite strong.

I had that uni and the cranks wern’t. Good vid

that really makes me want to learn to grind. nice video. ya i dont see all the hype about trails unis. learners work prety well:D .

i only posted it twice because its the bails from the main video. but thanks i wont do it again.

Yeah you should learn to grind because its really fun. Ive yet to try it on a stairs handrail though.

How long have you been riding?

10 months on and off. But upto about a month ago all i could do was hop up steps. Now im off riding for a month because of a broken wrist so i will be able to start riding again just before christmas.

Not bad :slight_smile:

Aside from the excessive shaky camera I really liked the intro.

Your uni is only holding up because you are kind of small. If you continue to doing a lot of hopping and drops you will break many more parts. Untill you get your Nimbus I’d elliminate all drops over 2 stairs, and keep those to a minimum. And when you do get it, make sure the spokes are properly tensioned, all of mine were horribly loose:(.

Maybee some wrist guards? And land more on you knees, then roll, that’s what the pads are for :slight_smile: