Two Parades in Two Days!

What a great two days. I rode in the Gatlinburg Christmas Parade Friday night, and then the Sevierville Christmas Parade today at Noon. Both Parades were very fun. The Gatlinburg Parade is is 2 miles long (I rode 5.87 miles) and ends at the entrance to the Tennessee side of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
My daughters all choose to twirl batons in their Majorette groups. Must be my wife’s blood :smiley: Hopefully next year they will make a better decision. However, my position for riding was right in front of my daughters group. After last nights parade, they were all complaining, “You had all kinds of folks clapping and hollowing for you!”
Favorites: 1. This year, I absolutely loved when someone would yell, “Pop a wheelie” or “Ride a wheelie”. I would spin and face them and yell back, “A wheelie? You really want me to do a wheelie?” And then I’d HOP, HOP, HOP! The crowd would shout and clap in approval.
2. A new addition for this year. I rode mini-circles around many of the police officers at the intersections. The crowd would laugh at that stunt. (Side Note: Today, a big cop seemed very perturbed at me for doing this to him. I only circled him 3 times! Hum…)
3. Why do people say, “Do a trick!” Isn’t just riding a unicyle enough of a trick?
4. Backward riding while waving to the crowd with both hands seemed to really get the crowd going too!
5. Many times, I would stop just before those big thick cross-walk lines and act like I couldn’t ride over them. Then I’d work it up for a moment and then HOP over the line.
All in all, I had a wonderful time. Hope many of you get to enjoy one or more Christmas Parades. We unicycle riders sure spread lots of cheer. --chirokid–

Almost forgot. With my signature line, I shouldn’t have left this out. I rode a before and after the parade with two fellows on Segways. I wish we had worked up an act and rode together for the whole parade. It could have really been fun.
They thought I was cool, I thought they were cool. --chirokid–