two on one (muni)

here is my latest muni video… i know it’s way to long, but i think it’s worth watching it :wink: kind of a documentary about a muni day around my hometown

Great video turtle :slight_smile:

you need some intelligent flying drone around you man :smiley: maybe in 2020

Watch out, there’s a metal rod that’s right in front of you and is about to hit you the whole time :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s very skillful of you to go around holding it and still do your riding, traveling through so many different areas.

Every single time you post a video or pictures of your muni rides you make me want to go in Liechtenstein and ride with you! Everything looks awesome!

As you said, long video but worth watching! :smiley:

THAT WAS SO AWESOME!! I really want to go ride around there.

If you have any chance, go visit turtle!

everyone is welcome! we host also couchsurfer, so there is no problem.

because of the family i’m not able to tavel the world for unicon or moab, but i still find new trails around and in liechtenstein almost everytime i’m out tehre and i love to share them with muni riders from all ober the world :slight_smile: