Two new unicyclists show their progress

Hi All,

thought you’d might like to see some beginners in between all these awesome videos.

We’ve been practicing for a little while now and today we recorded some rides during our practice session.

Didn’t go too wel for me (very stiff today) but the oldest daughter made a lot of progress with the handrail method.

The oldest daughter:

Both of us:

Tips and laughs are welcome :slight_smile:

Wow, doing great! That location looks like an awesome place to learn how to ride - the hand rail seems to be a great height. In no time you’ll be steering away from it and riding all over that court.

Thanks for sharing your videos.

Congrats to you both. Be glad when I’m riding that smoothly :slight_smile:

Rail that is “hip height” is best for learning

Good job and nice video.
I see that the rail you are using is about the ideal height.

I think I have explain this before, but is always worth repeating.
(Somebody should have told me when I started…but…nahhh)

When a fence or rail is too high, then it helps too much.
However, the lower the rail the “less help” is better.
It allows upper body freedom/twisting and also lower body the freedom to twist/learn.

Something like a tennis court net or about 4 ft above ground is perfect.
As, long as your arms are extended or slightly bent this “takes away” leverage.
You don’t need that as you practice and get better. keep on.

Hi Slamdance,

thank you for your feedback.
Riding is becoming much smoother now and arms are starting to relax / hang down.

I can keep one hand against the front of the seat but actually holding the seat for prolonged time is a skill stil to be learned.

And here’s a tiny bit of footage of the youngest daughter.
Unfortunately the camera battery was empty so I could only shoot very short clips and then the camera would shut off.

Update 2017-09-16

We practiced a bit more over the weekend, here’s where the kids are at:

Nice progress. =) Some great spots to ride.

Well done! :slight_smile:

No new video this weekend but both girls got in some more practice.

The youngest one tried free mounting for about 30 times today and stuck one clean one and a couple that came pretty close.

They’re getting more and more comfortable, now all we need is more time on the saddle :slight_smile:

Progress report 2017-10-07

We got somemore practice time today!
Tomorrow we’re meeting with Yow at Gaasbeek castle for some more practice.


The youngest daughter has another video on her own channel:

Dad practised some more Muni tonight.
Small breaktrough: I made it past two bumps in the muddy section :slight_smile:

This Muni thing might take a few months to master.
Switched to more (=very) sturdy shoes, this took a little getting used too.