[Tutorial] - 360 & 540

Hi all,

I thought this tutorial might help some people out there, since I have often been asked for tips about 360s and 540s. I hope it can help, this is my first tutorial so any good comments or criticism are appreciated, except for the titles and text, I can’t do better and I know I should. And I would like to add that we all have better days, and that day was not my “540 day”, so sorry for the uncleanness of some.

Youtube : http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=aPp8mJeGKJA
DailyMotion : http://www.dailymotion.com/ZenithProductions/video/10944499
No Vimeo link for now, we can’t upload anymore this week.

More tutorials to come.


P.S. No offense Shaun, eh ? I was just trying to add a little touch of humor.

was fun xD


Thanks very much - this will help me. I’m curious about the direction of rotation. Does everyone hoptwist toward the hand that’s holding the saddle? Or do some people go the other way.

I rotate away from the hand on the saddle (I can only 180 so far), but that means I can’t use my free arm for momentum the way you do. I’m still early enough in the learning that I could probably switch directions without too much trouble if that would be better in the long run.

Hum, that is an interresting question…

I think indeed having your opposite hand might be a bit of a set back, but I don’t know. I can Blind 540 with the same hand as normal 540, and a lot of people can Blind 360. Of course it is harder, but doable. I’ll search to see if any advanced riders are the same as you…


EDIT : For now, I found Antoine L.B., http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=VFsqM1_dYPI at 1:30. But it was still basic in that vid.

Past the edit time…

Kelly Hickman, Xavier Collos (As you can see in this vid, it doesn’t hold him back from swinging his arm, at 0:49 and 1:54), Dan Heaton (He invented the 540…I guess he knows what he’s talking about :stuck_out_tongue: ) and still looking…

Nice video, but I didn’t see a 540. They all looked like 360’s even when I paused and slowed them down. There were some towards the end where it looked like maybe an extra 45 degrees at most. I was looking at the exact tire position at the moment of takeoff to the exact position of the tire at landing. Also, I was expecting a “unispin” tutorial from the title , but hoptwist is good too! :slight_smile:

Thanks - great to see an example of the arm swing with the other hand. Yeah - I guess I can take a lesson from any of those guys! :slight_smile:

Still seems like the arm swing would be more powerful the way you do it. I’ll give it a try both ways and see what works best. I haven’t been swinging my free arm at all.

I mentionned in my first post that that day wasn’t a great 540 day. But I wouldn’t say they were only 405. Look at those pics :

Around 450 degrees.

Between 450-540

Some were indeed (Oh man I gotta stop saying that word, but it’s too cool!) only 360, but I should have mentionned : it is IMPOSSIBLE to do a complete 360, 540 or 720, except when going for the next half rotation. Explanations : if you want to do a full 360, try a 540. If you want to do a full 540, do a 720.

Here are some pics showing what I’m talking about :

Luke’s 540 360 really

Luke’s 720 540 really

I’m not trying to justify my case, I know I can’t 540, but I know also that no one else can either, so I’m still feeling good ! It’s all about how clean you can make your fudgeness look. Luke is a god at it.

And you shouldn’t have thought it was a unispin tutorial. First, because I didn’t say unispin :stuck_out_tongue: and second, I wouldn’t have made one, there are already too much.


Thanks Hugo. I think this was really helpful. I do want to learn 540s…

Not being as into trials/street and mostly MUni, I had just assumed it was a unispin tutorial, since those are so common, as you say. But you did really well with those! So far my hoptwist max is only 270, but I can do it cleanly on my trials, MUni and my 36er!

Of course it does seem to help when you hop from higher up for the extra air time. I’ve only done it on flat so far, which is obviosuly limiting. I’ll have to try harder and swing my arm more. Thanks! :slight_smile:

In that case - I can, in fact, 360 sometimes. (270 with a fudged landing).

Gotta get better at fudgeness.

That was a really awsome video it really helped clear things up for me. + I now know what a hoptwist is. The only complaint I have about the video is that a lot of the text was hard to read.

What your saying is not true. you can do a __spin without trying to do the next half rotation. When I do 360’s I dont take a sharp turn I just do it.
O and yea I have a problem with rolling 360’s. Any tips?


You know, there are some better ways to say that.

You’re the one who knows. I guess if you can do a complete 360, rolling 360s shouldn’t be too hard. :roll_eyes:

I mean, not to bash on you or anything, but I am pretty positive it is impossible. I can not do a sharp turn at the beginning too, but then the end will be a bit fudged. If I’m wrong, don’t be shy and prove it to me : take it on film.


Im sorry that Im not very tactful but its not impossible. If that other guy can fudge a 720 then surely someone can do a perfect 360. The way I 360 is just by throwing my arm really hard. I dont make a sharp turn before or anything. For me rolling 360’s are hard because when im riding and I try to do it throwing my arm brings me off balance and I just ended falling off.