turtle's V

short vid of the testride (it’s uploading now…)

Awesome! Your Maguras squeel like a pig. But It looks and probably feels amazing! Where the Geared hub? :stuck_out_tongue:

Great stuff. I think you just made me a believer in wide handlebars (I was already a believer in bike seats and V frames :))

that is just an awesome unicycle !!! :astonished:
but isn’t the handlebar too low? I think I would prefer a bit higher… :roll_eyes:

Wow … that is cool turtle. Do those handlebars make the uni easier to ride uphill?

Turtle: nice seat errr handle bar drops! What a unique dismount! I’m definitely in a believer in handle bars now for XC type riding! Wow! If somebody were to manufacture frames like this I’d definitely buy! Kris Holm are you following all this? Still a little rough around the edges but definitely an excellent “proof of concept.”

The uni, the riding, the scenery, all very nice. And it reminds me about the time in 2005 when we rode through Liechtenstein. One cool part was that the day we rode out of Vaduz, we had lunch at the Schlumpf world-headquarters, just up the river from there.

I can’t wait to see where all this leads.


Now I’ve seen V frames before and I’ve seen people hopping around on unis before, but this is the very first time I’ve heard German Reggae. Too cool!
Great vid turtle. Now we know where you got your name.

i live in vaduz (capital and middle of our country), the ride was in balzers, in the very south of liechtenstein (12 km from vaduz :D), it’s more a hill for us: 1100masl, start in balzers is 400masl. from the top you can see schlumpf’s house! and the river is the rhein…

…around the edges i had to ride most time one-handed, but remember it was my first ride, and how you can see in the end of the vid, i was even able to crankflip that thing… :astonished: :smiley:

… but this is the very first time I’ve heard German Reggae. Too cool!
actually it was even swiss reggea (dialect) a german can’t understand it…:stuck_out_tongue:

Looks nice, you look like a mad man pedaling it though. Can’t wait to take some welding classes so I can mod my nimbus frame into something more like a bike.

It is so cool to see the sport evolving so quickly here, it’s like mountain biking in the early 80’s. Thanks to all the pioneers like Turtle who are pushing the limits. I’m sure Kris H and others are monitoring these threads and working on prototypes. It will be exciting to see what happens next.

haha tahts awesome:D :astonished:
the crankflip in the end was sick :astonished: