turtle's first quarter of 2012

last three month of riding ( that’s why it’s a bit longer…)

for the streetriders: do you find the crankflip?


Schönes Video!
Du wilderst immer noch in den Lichtensteiner Wäldern rum!

nice vid. it was cool to watch, even it’s so long:)
what frame do You use while riding 36" ?! looks almost like a bike…

ps. crankflip: 7.10 - hard not to notice that :slight_smile: !!!

thanks for the comments!

36" frame: that’s turtle’s V fram! custom, made out of two kh frames :slight_smile:

Whooa! That’s what we like :slight_smile:

Thanks for lot’s of fantatstic Muni :slight_smile:

As always, I love your videos and I hate your music choice!
Amazing 36" frame! I want one!


Nice riding and good video production too.

Thanks for sharing!

W/ all the awesome footage, I don’t mind at all that it’s long :D. But it’s blank after ~9:28,it’d be nice if it was cut unless the footage didn’t show for some reason.

thanks for the comments.

i don’t know why it’s blank… it supposed to be cut there… guess i need to know the program bettet…