turtle and me

same ride as in “snow turtle” but without snow:

Hehe, you still have that number from ISDW on your unicycle. :sunglasses: :smiley:

Nice riding! :slight_smile:

not really me, but andi has it still on that’s right!

Nice Video! Are you okay after the bail at the end of the Video?

yes i am, but the helmet is broken :astonished: :roll_eyes:

Ouch that fall was pretty bad glad your alright. Thats kinda cool that you broke that helmet.

A broken helmet is much cooler than a broken skull. Your videos are always awesome. great riding, and beautiful scenery. I love Liechtenstein also, and I’ve never been anywhere near there.

BTW I notice you not using the qu ax air saddle anymore… I was hoping for a review.

@humblebee: yes, i started using the brake again at least sometimes, and for that the quax isn’t the best choice, that means it’s possible to mount a brake, but it’s not easy, that’s the only reason i changed the saddle. otherwise i liked it a lot.

Ouch indeed! Nice film.