Turns, spins, (practice skills right/left & forward/backward)

Ken Fuchs <kfuchs@icicle.winternet.com> writes:
> A purely action/reaction turn begins with absolutely no sideways lean. During
> the turn, the wheel turns right (or left), while the rider’s body tends to
> continue in a straight line. As a result, the rider will progressively lean to
> the left (or right) as he executes the turn. (This by the way is the primary
> way a unicyclist achieves a lean to one side or the other; the other far less
> effective way is using the arms as a tightrope walker might.)

are you saying then, that to do a leaning turn to the left, we first start an
action/reaction turn to the right and fall over leftwards, then recover…?

its very difficult to do a large angle action/reaction turn, since we have
nothing to react against, and can only turn as much as half the distance you
can twist your body… I find that windmilling my arms about helps, presumably
the precessional effect provides additional twist…?

physics & maths, I love it… I wonder if its possible to prove that its
impossible to fall off a unicycle, once the CG is stable and directly over the
contact point…?