Tubeless tires?

Does anyone ride with a tubeless tire? Probably for road and muni right? What about for street? It could probably take a good pound off of your setup. And rolling weight feels the heaviest…


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Hi. First of all, nice to see a street rider here. Sorry to tell you though, almost all of the other street/trials/flat riders hang out on Facebook, this forum almost exclusively concerns itself with beginners, distance and “Muni”.

To your question: If you land sideways with a tubeless setup, it can “burp” a lot of air. Especially with non tubeless specific tires (I don’t know of any 19" or 20" ready tires). And with street, you tend to land sideways sometimes. If you want to save some weight, you can use a slim inner tube, but I don’t recommend that, unless you like riding really high tire pressure to not get any flats.

I am new to unicycles but bicycle road riders with fast lightweight bikes and some commuters, etc., like tubeless tires but they run narrow tires with high air pressure and those tires are not likely to see much sidewall deflection, unlike MTB and other offroad bikes.

I guess you are new to unicycle terminology, so I understand your confusion. This is what “street” unicycling means: Very different from road bikes.