Tubeless Muni Tire Recommendations 26"

Tire recommendations for tubeless?
26" and 2.4"-2.8" width preferred.

My favorite tire of all time was the Schwalbe Muddy Mary, if that helps.

With a large majority of tires being tubeless ready for a long while, I think it is not a criteria for selection (or it is a given). The main concern will be do you have a tubeless-ready rim or will you have to do a ghetto setup or use a tire insert.

As for tires, if you were very happy with Schwalbe, you can give a try to the new Mary in town :wink:

Not quite in your target size range, but I’m really liking the 26x3.0 surly dirt wizard (60 tpi version) for my old man style muni. Compared with the 2.7 Maxxis high roller it replaced, it’s a little lighter and a little more volume, but still pretty heavy duty, and not balloony or bouncy.

No troubles running it tubeless, didn’t even need a compressor to get it seated, no burps or weeping or anything (Light Bicycles rim).

There’s that 1.3kg Magic Marry 26x2.6 DH UltraSoft TLE – nice if you like lots of grip and stability and don’t care about weight and rolling resistance.

And Maxxis offers a 26x2.5 DHF and 26x2.8 DHRII both MaxxTerra EXO TR – so lighter casing, not as sticky rubber, less weight. Nice muni tyres.

There are some more 26" tyres in 2.4" or even 2.35" width, but considering your favourite I wouldn’t look at those.