Tube for 26x3" Duro

UDC is out of all tubes for this. Don’t want to order just a $10 tube from other suppliers and pay $7 to ship it. My LBS has a Maxxis downhill tube that lists it as sized for 2.5 to 2.7". LBS said it would be perfect. Anyone have an opinion on this? The Nokian gazz tube lists as sized for 2.1 to 3", so it seems like the Maxxis should work.

I think you would be fine with that. You could probably even use a 3 x 24" tube.

You are okay. I had a hilarious experience blowing up my old tube when I got a fatter tire. I just went to the closest mountain bike shop and they said it’s not rocket science. If it’s too small it gets too thin and blows up. Get close to your tire size and you’re fine.

dont quote me here, but i believe if you have a tube that is of the right diameter it will generally work. Just know that if you have one that is thin it will burst.

Yep, ballpark width is good enough. You can also go between wheel diameters. 24x3 on a 26 will be tight, but certainly acceptable.

Do you only have one LBS? It may be worth a call to the others in town. You can still use a smaller tube but you will be much more likely to get a flat with it.