trye info... urgent... please helppp! Try-all 20x2.5" "Stiky" trials tyre

okay… i’m getting a white widow koxx unicycle for my birthday tommorow, when we went to put it togather we found that the wheel appears to be facing the wrong way, i know this sounds stupid… your probably thinking “well turn it round” - but when we turn it round it puts the peddles on the wrong side, and because the tyre is so tight on the rim it wont come off. what i wanna know is…
how can i solve this problem?
if the peddles are the wrong way, will they undo quickly?
or will it be usable like this?
the trye is a “Try-all 20x2.5” “Stiky” trials tyre"

It is good practice to make sure the wheel set is the right way round, the crank/pedal labeled R should be on the left so it tightens as you ride. In reality it will probably be fine with it the wrong way round, as long as your pedals are good and tight in there cranks.

Try-all sticky tyres seem to be hard to get off some rims. Use tyre levers and at the bottom of your rim to your leavers, push the the tyre into the centre of the “V” of the rim. This will give you a small amount of slack at the top that you will need to get the tyre off the rim. Hope I have described it so you can understand, hope this helps.

with the tyre the way that the pedals are tightening the “rotation” is in the wrong direction,
is it better to have the trye in the right direction and the pedals wrong,
or the other way around?
and does the rotation of the tyre make any diference?

does the hub have to go in a certain direction? or could i just swap the cranks and pedals around?
also, does it matter that the tyre direction is the wrong way? or is it more important having the pedals the correct way?

Better to have the tyre the wrong way round. If the pedals/cranks are on the wrong side they’ll come undone more easily and may wreck your cranks if you don’t notice. Less of an issue if it’s ISIS but not sure if that is.

On a motorbike at 60mph+ I’d worry about tyre direction - on a uni I can’t see it making much difference.

and happy birthday!

I have pretty much the same issue, My lbs just built my wheel and I got it home and I noticed the rotation doesn’t match the cranks. Right now I’m riding it with the tire rotation backwards. Does it matter which side of the hub the cranks are on? What I mean is, is there a left and right side of the hub? Or is the hub symmetrical, where it doesn’t matter which crank is on which side, as long as they are on the left and right as you are riding? I hope you can understand what I’m trying to say.

Yes, the cranks can be removed, the wheel flipped and the cranks reattached. As long as the cranks are on the proper sides of the unicycle frame it makes no difference what orientation the wheel itself is in.

Tire direction itself is not significantly important. Some treads will turn better or have a bit more traction in one direction but not enough to ruin a ride. It’s dependent on personal preference and some people even prefer to run their tires backwards. In trials the direction is even less important as most of the surfaces are hard there is more hopping than rolling.

Alright thanks, I’ll just run my tire backwards until I replace it, I can’t tell any difference while riding anyway.

You can use soap to help get tires on and off, it really makes a huge difference letting the rubber slide over the rim. They use it when they put car tires on. Take a little dish soap, mix it with some water (maybe 50/50 soap vs water) rub it on the rim with your finger.

NOTE: The crank labled R does not mean it goes on the right hand side. It means it is cut with a right handed thread, this should go on the left hand side so it tightens as you ride.

That isnt a bad Idea, I dont know why I didnt think of that. Although my try-all normally comes off without too much problem, even on my powdercoated rim. As long as you push the bead into the centre of the rim on the otherside.


The crank labeled R MUST go on the right hand side and the crank labeled L MUST go on the left hand side. - same with the pedals.

I can’t think why you would tell liddle-peter to do it wrong unless you wanted him to destroy his cranks by riding them on the wrong side until they come loose and damage his cranks.

Liddle peter, you have three options:
ride it with the tire direction wrong
take the tire off and put it on the other direction
take the cranks off and swap them round


thnks for your help guys :slight_smile:
i went to halfords this morning and asked if the guy could tell me what size the allen key was, the guy was so baffled and excited to see a unicycle he practiccally did the whole job for me :wink:
good job realy as i dont have the tool needed to remove the crank.
i swapped the cranks round then turned the frame and seat round togather :slight_smile: now everything is in the correct direction :smiley:
thanks for the birthday message :smiley:

TALKING RUBISH 'EH? Try it for yourself if you dont trust me, loosen your pedal off and holding the pedal rotate your wheel in the way you ride and see which way the force is trying to turn it.

The R is to mark that it is cut with a right handed thread (lefty loosey, righty tighty) the L is for left handed thread.

Someone else with some mechanical background back me up here.

If anything this proves that it isnt really that important to keep your cranks on the right side. Mine never come loose and aparently they are on the wrong side.

The pedal on the right has a right-hand thread, and the pedal on the left has a left-hand thread, so the R on the crank could mean right foot or right-hand thread; it really doesn’t matter.

As you push clockwise on the right pedal, it is rotating counter-clockwise relative to the crank arm, causing it to unscrew from the crank.

Going slightly off topic:
Does the TryAll Stiky fit in a Nimbus II 20" Frame? I have tried asking this before, but nobody seemed to have tried it before. My CC just barely fit by about 1mm when it was new.

When you say right pedal do you mean the pedal labled with a R or the pedal on the right hand side of the unicycle? Your theory is correct if you mean the crank on the right hand side of the uni.

If (looking at the right hand side of your unicycle) you push on the right hand side pedal so the wheel spins clockwise the pedal will spin counter-clockwise relative to the crank. If you used a right handed thread on that pedal (lefty loosey, righty tighty) it will come loose. So if you put the pedal labled R (right handed thread) on the right hand side of your unicycle, it will try and loosen. The pedal labled L needs to go on the right hand side of your unicycle. Can noone else see this?

i have 5 GCSE A’s in engineering…
the pedals need to be on the cranks with the same “L” or “R” markings on them and also on that side of the wheel. if they where on the oppopsite sides they would eventually loosen as you ride.

WOW 5 GCSEs, doesnt make you right. Obviously the pedal with the right handed thread has to go in the crank with the right handed thread.

Seriously, read what I wrote, understand it and realise its right.

When you ride your pedals turn counter-clockwise to your crank. looking at the right hand crank from the right the crank should be cut with a left handed thread so when the pedal turns counter-clockwise it tightens in the crank. Understand? anyone?

See This page for an explanation on why pedals are cut they way that they are.

my dad just got me a new red devil and koxx put the tire on backwards man koxx must like putting tyres on wrong anyway he used a spatula as a tire lever

I was just going to mentions precession, and then I saw the link above. I especially like the part where sheldon brown says that people who think it should be the other way are ignorant.