TRYALL STIKY 26" x 2.5" Tyre

I couldn’t find any reviews on this tire, though it’s the stock tyre on the Koxx 26" Monster. Anyway, I finally got it mounted and went for a ride on a very slippery day. Though it’s not as big and meaty as my Intense 3", it did quite well at maintain traction; I was able to outclimb my son who was riding a Duro 3" :wink:

Though it’s not a superfat DH tire, it does have some nice volume for an XC tyre, enough for a 200# to ride technical terrain. If I was a younger guy looking to do big drops, it might be a bit light on volume, but for tech riding and fast single track, it’s a nice tyre.

Less weighty that a 3" DH tyre, probably about the weight of a midweight
MTB tyre in the same category (2.5).
Durability seems good due to a thick sidewal.
No significant sidewall flexing under load, even at low pressures.
Extremely difficult to mount! I broke three levers getting it on the rim, and I know what I’m doing!!
Runs straight once aired up.
I installed it backwards for more downhill traction.
A nice multiuse XC tyre for a 26" if you want to avoid the weight and cumbersome nature of a DH tyre.

Nice review, Ben! Thanks.

Now … Where did you get it? Renegade? And … How much did it cost, incl. shipping?

Yes, at Renegade. It was around $50 with shipping, so not too bad. I like it better than the comparable MTB tires because it is sticky like a trials tire.

Renegade has a bunch of parts, K1 cranks, rims, etc… maybe you also need to build a new wheel for that 26er? That safety yellow would be like totally hot with a red anodized rim and that Gazz would totally flatten out so nice with a 47mm rim width :wink:

If its anything like my 19" tire mounting it is the least of your problems.

Nice review. I was just wondering if you happen to know if a 26-3" DURO would fit on the Koxx-one 26" rim and still have clearance through the frame. This is what I want to do so I would like to know before I bother purchasing it with the stock 26-2.5" try-all on it.

The TRY ALL STIKY has a radius, measured from the center of the axle, of thirteen inches. Actual width is 2 3/8".

If you added another 1/2 in width and an inch in height, that would get you close to the actual dimensions of a Gazz 26 x 3". PKittle has one set up like you’re asking, maybe he’ll chime in?

BTW, are you sure you want a 3"? Is the STIKY just not enough tire?

I rode a 26 x 3" for a while, it’s a good all around ride, but it might be worth looking into a 24" if you want the real 3" performance, i.e. hopping and such.

Yeah, I am knew to this whole Muni thing but I know that I could really get into it if I had the right unicycle. With my 24" torker right now I feel like a don’t get the swooping feel that I am going for when I go around sharp turns (plus it’s time to upgrade since I have gotten better). I just can’t go fast enough… That is why I want the 26"er, but where I unicycle there are lots of roots that grow on top of the ground which is why I feel I need a 3" width tire to maximize volume for shock absorption.

I also don’t want a 29"er because I feel like this would take away from my ability to hop over large stumps and do any trials riding whatsoever.

I enjoyed your input and I am new to these forums so forgive me for not knowing who you elude to when referring to Pkittle. Does he do custom wheels?


Nah, I sold him my Nimbus 26er and it had a Gazz 3" :slight_smile:

The swoopy feeling can be had on a 24", you just need to peddle faster :smiley:

I like my 26" for how smooth it is over rough terrain, but it’s not a stump jumper with a 2.5 unless I lose some weight :astonished:

Not that I’m overweight, but at 200# a 2.5" tire is not for trials.

BTW, there were some folks who posted saying that the Koxx Monster 26" will take a 3" tire.

For me the 26" is a somewhere between a 24" and 29" for trail feel, so you lose some trials capability, but gain some XC capability. With the 29er I felt like I’d lose all of my trials capability, which sucked for where I ride.

I’m keeping the 26" set up with a 2.5, it’s my daily rider, then I’m rebuilding my 24" to be lighter and more for muni/trials/core riding.