Tryall rim

any1 know were i can get a tryall rim in Australia?

you cant.

unless its 2nd hand

are you sure?

they are in victoria and it says they have them.


Take this as a lesson… don’t post an absolute until you’ve done your research. When you post uncertain or false information in RSU you’re degrading the quality of the forum. People come here for information, not for misinformation.

Please be respectful of RSU and check your answers before you post!

i wanted to buy this rim a while ago and looked for it for 2 weeks and didnt find anything.

i thought i had absoloute information and was certain.

shit happens.

please be respectful to me, i thought 2 weeks of looking had it all checked out so please dont say i didnt check my answer before my post


none really cares it was sorted out 2 mins later

Maestro8 was just pointing out that you have to make sure information was correct. You did 2 weeks research, how long ago? Lets just leave it here, eh?


about a month ago.

i agree, lets never speak of this again