Tryall Rim And Seatpost

Hey everyone,
i recently bought a BRAND NEW try-all fluro/neon green drilled rim for my uni but ended up getting my other rim powder coated for free with my frame so i will not be needing it any more. i am looking for £40 for the rim posted
"Stylish looking rim with holes cut out for a distinctive look. As used on the Koxx Devil unicycles.

Double walled rim with braking surface. This rim is really wide to give your tyres a wider profile and more contact and grip. This rim is as wide as the Onza “Hog” rim or the Kris Holm 2007 trials rim but with bigger holes cut out and no eyelets to save weight.

Size: Trials (19")
ERD: 365mm.
Width: 47mm wide.
Spoke hole: 36 hole 12G.
Eyeletts: No.
Material: Aluminium.
Finish: Anodised Black, Blue, Gold, Red or Silver.
Weight: 510g."

also my practically BRAND NEW tryall seatpost that came with my uni but was only used for a few days because a bought a cro-mo nimbus one.
i am looking for £15 posted

it should fit a kris holm unicycle as well, but not a nimbus frame
Replacement aluminium seatpost for Koxx unicycles, 250mm long hard anodised in Black with Try-All logo with reinforced where the top meets the plate.

27.2mm diameter same diameter as Kris Holm and Onza unicycles (Koxx unicycles come with 29.4 - 27.2 shim). Shorter than the Kris Holm or Onza reinforced aluminium seatposts so only weighs 170g, fits all saddles with standard 4 bolt fittings.
the only marks on it are where the bolts tighten to fit it to a saddle


rim again

rim again again

tryall seat post

feel free to ask any questions

highly intrested, im in the process of building a new wheel, how much is postage?

“i am looking for £40 for the rim posted”

postage is included

i am interseted in the fluo green rim… i can pay £40 whenevers good for you by direct bank transfer (which i find easiest)

PM’d-for the rim

if you have paypal…
if not, tell me, and i will sort out bank transferring :slight_smile:

i also have for sale a
koxx seat post clamp red it has a small scratch on the top

same as one in this pic

i am looking for £6 for it delivered :slight_smile:

do you still have the seatpost? if so, would you be willing to ship to the US? If so might be interested.

i still have all items listed as the previous buyer is unable to buy anymore

and yes if you are willing to pay the extra postage

i’m very interesed on both items, can you send me to Argentina? I’ll pay shipping

yea should be able to if you are fully interested then let me know and i will work out postage costs (you will have to tell me where bouts you live and i will probably respond faster if you PM me :slight_smile: thanks.

if uv still got the rim i would buy it i live in australia but can i use my kh hub and spokes with it?

it is a normal 19" trials rim with 36 spoke holes so would work with a kh hub etc…
you may want to check with just in case but i am 95% sure.

if anyone is actually interested in buying an item then as i said before PM me :slight_smile:


nvm saving 4 new bike

ok then…

a bike!!! :astonished:

hmmm one of my pics is “currently offline”

why are you in uk? seriously ive been looking for a rim FOREVER hahaha god

because the UK is awesome!

and do you want to buy this one then?

If shipping isn’t retarded yes

if you wana buy something pm me with details