Try This At Home - NZ street/trials

Hey everybody,

It’s been a long time since I’ve been on these forums but I finally managed to get me and my brother’s latest video online. We made it in February and I’ve been struggling with uploading it to Youtube ever since then.

We made it for a cyclewise mini film festival that was screened in our park. The riding isn’t amazing and is pretty straight-forward but we tried to be a bit creative with the filming and editing.

Sorry about the weird interlacing on the still frames in the intro, but I couldn’t be bothered fixing it and exporting it again because our computer is so slow.

Have a look and please let us know what you think.


Ahhh! Josh! Please take those off! Now! haha

I liked the cool lights at 2:40, but when you use so many diffrent editing styles in one vid, it gets a lil too busy. The clouds at 1:35 look awesome, must be a good camera, if only the slow-mo was smoother :P.

I let out an almighty “lol” at 3:19 and at the end. <3 u J

4:00 was cool :smiley:

Did you get Bret to film the clip at 4:15?? Totally sounds like him.

Woop go NZ, i liked it.

Haha Josh loves his spoke beads.

I like the colours at 2:40 too, you can get some pretty sweet effects by filming the camera looping onto a television. Do you mean the intro is a bit too busy? I guess that’s kinda the effect we were going for haha. Yeah I love my new camera, most of the shots came out really well. Yeah tis a shame about the slow-mo, I need to get my hands on one of those slow-mo smoother plug-ins.

Glad you enjoyed the cymbal crash. Had to put a bit of spontaneity in there.

And no, I wish we had Bret as our cameraman! That would be my mate Peter, who you can see at 3:45.


I thoroughly enjoyed that video

Nice video guys! I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Thanks for all the good feedback guys. Glad you liked it.

WORD STEALER!!! :astonished:

that was fun to watch :slight_smile: loved the sliding down the grass hill :stuck_out_tongue: you guys are funny.

Cheers Doamono. Haha I guess it took me so many tries to hop up those stairs that I hadn’t really prepared myself mentally for the hill. Glad you found it funny.

Pretty enjoyable video. It makes me want to travel to New Zealand!

You should come visit us!! Are you coming to UNICON?

Oh yeah, what did people think of the music?

Music was great.You know it was used in Tom Pecs spirit right ?

I’m sure he knows. It was good tho, suited well. I’m sure the other people you showed it to probably hadn’t heard the song before.

Link? lol :thinking:

I saw it and it was nice riding and filming.

Oh wow… I have seen Spirit before but a long time ago. I’ve been listening to The Postal Service lately and I forgot that Tom had used that song. Haha, I tried to find something original that people might not have heard before and that worked out great… I hope it didn’t come across like I was borrowing his idea.

Any Terrain: If you were asking for the link for my video, sorry I completely forgot to post the link. I guess everyone else must have gone to my Youtube page first. Thanks Emile.

That is what I did too. I was just suprised when coming back a few days later that no one said anything about the link…

god i wish u guys coulda ridden with us at uni weekend instead of randomly running into us while in ur school uniform :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway cool vid!!

Cheers Isaac.

Yeah so do we! We decided that we had way too much on and would have to give Uni Weekend a miss, but then this Jazz Band competition came up and we couldn’t really let our band down. It was really frustrating being in Palmy anyway but not being able to ride.

I guess we might be able to meet again at UNICON?

yea for sure!! c u ther