Try-all sticky tire

I’m thinking about getting a try-all white sticky tire but i’m wondering if it fits on a normal kris holm rim or not.

i´m not sure but i think this is a kh rim with the try all tire

Yes it will fit for sure, a lot of people did it, but if it’s the black Try-all you need to be sure it’s the reer one and not the front one.

You’ll need to specify rear 19" if you go for the black or white, as both are available in 19" and 20".

O Rly?

Front 20" and rear 19", both available in black, or white.

… i don’t know how common it is, but i’ve had problems w/ my try-all tire shredding…

As in ruling? hhahaha Or ripping appart? pics?

I have issues with the tryall getting to hard at low temps. The luna seems to stay sticker even when cold.

Good call!
He is from WA, just as cold if not colder than us here in the North East.

You might want to check out this thread. Lots of good information on trials tires.

i bought a try all white sticky today and it fits perfect at the rim .it just became dirty very fast :smiley:

well yeah, and as far as ripping goes, the nobs are tearing off of mine, most of them 1/2 at a time… so i’ve got a number of 1/2 nobs on my tire…
but i still prefer it over the CC, just not for the price

It’ll fit, the trouble is just taking it off.