Try-All or Maxxis?????

I don’t know if this is in the right place but can somebody tell me which is better for trials/flat, the Try-All or the Maxxis tire??? I have both but haven’t rode with the Maxxis on. I want to know if it is worth the effort to put it on.

Just put it on any try it won’t hurt anything.

Yeah but if it isn’t better then the Try-All then why do it??

I like the tryall more than the cc but some people like the cc more

I might try it when it stops SNOWING.

I love riding in the snow

It doesn’t rust anything???

Try-All hands down.

Yep, definitely.

ha, that’s the short answer, if you want the long answer read here


Thanks! thats what I have on there. Just wanting to know if the Maxxiss is better!

try all. period.
went through 4 tubes on my old cc and it wore all the way till it was bald in 8 months of riding…
try all i only went through one tube because my tire pressure was to low and i took a big drop. side walls are better.

TBH, tyre choice is a very personal preference. You may as well try the CC, it only takes a minute to put a new tyre on.

I’m gonna stick with my try-all. I love it! I was just curious about which was better.

try-all is better than maxxis
had better grip, is lighter (take like try-all!!!) and has a bit better bounce

Useful thread. Thanks for posting!

My try-all does great at trials also.

Your very welcome!

amen. ^^^