Trouble Selling

Hey guys

Mostly curious and seeking the thoughts of others, but I’ve got a 36" I’ve been trying to sell over the last month and a bit, and though I get bites it’s not moving.

See my post history or scroll down the forum a bit for context

So I’m curious if others have had a hard time selling stuff recently? I think the price is fair for the uni and I’ve dropped it down from $850 CAD to $550 CAD now and even on the FB groups still not selling.

Is it the uni? Is it just the inflation/war in Ukraine making thing expensive so less money for wheels? I’m kinda stumped.

Appreciate any help and curious to hear everyone’s thought!

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My humble two-cents is that its just super niche. And when you get into that kind of money I would suspect most folks want to customize most of it. That is not a comment on it being overpriced or anything - your price sounds reasonable to me. Just my thoughts.

Best of luck with it!

It’s the uni… and I mean just being a unicycle.
It’s a good deal. Hang tight and it will sell.


If I was looking for a 36” and lived in Canada I would have scooped it up by now, price is right and uni is great, just gotta wait for someone to want it. I don’t think it is something extremely rare or sought after like a Schlumph so you probably won’t get an out of country buyer which limits things a bit, but who knows. You can always bump the thread.

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I bought the KH36 off Gockie after she had it up for sale for a month or two. I had no intention of getting a 36” uni, thinking it to be too much uni for me.
I was in the process of working out how I was going to commute to work (14km) on my KH29. I found that I could not travel far distances on the 29”, feeling burning in leg muscles.

I realised I was ready for a 36”
Gockie also threw in the deal a 24” trainer which swung it for me.

I think there are just not a lot of unicyclists around, so the market is small. You have to be relatively lucky to have someone reasonably local, who also happens to be in the market… If you have any local groups around (I know there used to be a unicycle club in Toronto), you could ask them to forward your offer to their members. Also, listing on kijiji/craigslist may be worth trying, I’m always surprised by the amount of unicyclist that are “not part of the community”.
I’d say your price is fair, but it’s not a “I have to jump on this opportunity”-price and while a good unicycle, it’s nothing that people are desperate for (like hatchets half a year or so ago, or Schlumpf hubs before they restarted production).

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