Triton Triple, Sun 20" Fat, Nimbus Performer, Nimbus 26"

Just testing the waters, not sure I want to sell yet, but I am definitely thinking about it.

The Uni’s I’m thinking of selling are as follows (In order from most willing to least willing):

  • Triton Triple, 26*4 setup, can’t remember seat, rim is a Nimbus Dominator, Hub is a Nimbus.

  • Sun 20" Fat Tire (This thing is awesome on the beach)

  • Nimbus Performer Giraffe

  • Nimbus 26" Muni, currently setup as a freewheel, but I also have a second wheel with a spirit hub. Has a Disc Brake tab Welded on.

I don’t really want to get rid of any of these (do you ever want to sell a unicycle?) but I am finding I don’t use them much (or at all).

The Triton is an awesome unicycle, and the little I have used it has been fun, but I am just not tall enough to enjoy it, free mounting is a major pain, and once I am on it the weight of the tire just seems to throw me off.

The Sun is a lot of fun, but has a very limited scope of use, I really only like it on the beach, and I live in Utah…

The Performer is fun, but terrifying, I am scared of heights and thought I’d be able to use this as a way to get over that. Hasn’t worked in the slightest. I’m more scared now if anything. In hindsight I shouldn’t have gotten a $400+ Uni for that purpose, but whatever.

The Nimbus is the only one I am really hesitant on. I have really enjoyed it, but the 26" wheel doesn’t work well at my height.

I’m only 5’6" and I’ve got kind of short legs, so I love my 20", and I think a 24" would be perfect for me, but even the 26" is pushing it.

I can post some pictures later if so desired, is anyone interested? I may be interested in trades for a proper Trials Uni (Impact, KH, Mad4One) or a 24" Muni (Nimbus, KH, Impact, Mad4One)


Now you have me wishing I was going to Utah in March for the Southwest Muni Weekend. I would be even more tempted if I could pick them up rather than have stuff shipped cross the border.

I am halfways tempted to put in an offer for the Sun XL as I think it would be a lot of fun with a more aggressive tire. (check out my mini-fat thread, it doesn’t look like anyone has done it yet) If anyone does this could they please post pictures and report?

I had a custom Triton similar to the triple. It was kind of painful selling that one as it was by far the nicest frame I have ever owned.

I already have a bunch of unicycles that I barely ride and I hope yours find a good home.

I’m surprised no one else has done it! I’ve got an Origin8 Tsunami Tire on it (came with the Sunlite XL) and It is awesome. I rode it less than 20 feet with the XL, so not sure how it is, but the Tsunami is sweet. Riding around on the beach was a blast, no shortage of grip.

I’ll post some pictures of it tomorrow.

Now you’ve got me thinking I want to keep that one as well :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But really, I just don’t use it enough to be worth keeping.

The Triton is really hard for me, I got it from Waaalrus (He’s great, super nice guy, and very patient), I just don’t like the feel of a 26" wheel, especially when fat. I don’t have the time to get really good at it, and I just love my small unicycles too much.

Between my bikes, unicycles and trikes I’m surprised I don’t lose my mind…

Here are a few pictures of the Triton and the Sunlite XL.

Sun XL and Triton Triple are sold, I think I’m going to keep the Nimbus, but the Giraffe is still for sale - $325 free shipping

Hi midgetmiles,
Does your Performer Giraffe have the extra chains and two foot extension? I’m tempted.


Hey UnderTheLake, sorry for taking so long to respond. Yup, I’ve got the extensions, chains, and the funny little tool it comes with. I’ve also got the container the chains and tool came in, though it has been reallocated to serve as a holder for various tools. Though if you wanted it I’d be glad to find a new holder.

Giraffe sale is pending.

I’ve got the giraffe! I’m impressed that you got it in that small box (22x16x10 inches). I wanted to post pictures of me riding it, but I look so terrified, I’m embarrassed to show the unicycling world. The unicycle is awesome, though. My compliments to Roger and Team Nimbus for their design on the Performer.

Thanks midgetmiles!

Hey Sean!

Glad to hear you like it! I was honestly pretty surprised it fit, but it was the best box I had so I’m glad I tried. It really is a great unicycle. Hope you continue to enjoy it, ride safely!