Triton Triple - Bearing Mount Options

I feel of late I’m the person posting random question in the hope the good people that frequent these hallows threads can fill the gaps in my knowledge :joy:

I’ve done tons of searching and see that some Triton frames out there were used with a Street/Road Schlumpf

I know the Triton Triple frame has non-flush fit bearing mounts - meaning that with 42mm you don’t get a full complete circle.

However I’m wonder if this also means that the way they were designed meant that could accommodate but 42mm and 40mm bearings.

I can’t quite work out if those running Road Schlumpf hubs in Triton frames were using a completely custom frame or if in general Tritons play nicely with both bearing sizes?

Thanks (again) all in advance! :pray:

@jogi might be able to help answer your question

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No you can’t mount 40mm bearings in a machined 42mm housing (well you shouldn’t at least). Doing this will result in having 2 contact points on your bearings rather than having the whole clamps. Since the ball bearings are already pretty small in a Schlumpf hub, that’ll most likely damage it pretty quick.


How about shimming the bearings though?

Thanks for confirming this.

I’d seen a few Triton frames running this hub but now I gage those frames were custom made for the 40mm bearings.

I was clutching at straws on this one :joy:


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Therein lies the rub - you can’t safely shim a Schlumpf unlike say a fixed gear unicycle. I’ve been tinkering with this route for a few weeks now in a KH frame but it just doesn’t feel secure enough…

Thankfully I’ve a back up option :grinning:

You could always ask @jaco_flans to make a custom frame with 40mm bearings, it will solve your all issues.

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Yeah that was in fact something I investigated and (poor) Jakob knows all about my musings and seeking a quote for options here.

In truth it would be a lovely single use frame for just this wheel set. And I’m far more likely to put down some £££ for a Flansberrium 27.5” and have this be at the current 42mm bearings so it is versatile.

I’m lucky to have a nearly functional 36” NightRider frame that has the older 40mm bearings and was already cold set and modified to work with the Schlumpf hub - just the saddle remains.

Main reason to check on Triton frame options was due to seeing some riders use them with a road Schlumpf.

But my Triple Triton is far better off serving me the options for other normal 42mm muni wheelsets.

What’s that thing unicyclists say about there never being too many unicycles in one’s flotilla?!? I’ve fully succumbed to this mantra :joy:

The 42 mm bearings are better I think because ,a normal wheel have the 42 mm bearings. Some hubs are different, like the old Koox Hub I’m steel. The Hub is a light hub but the bearings have an different. I don’t know how I mounting the bearings on the Koox Hub.

40 mm bearings that’s the Freestyle bearings from QU-AX steel square.

All my KH Munis have 42 mm bearings.

40 mm bearings, for what?

Schlumpf street hubs (square taper) have 40mm bearings



Yes, just like any other square taper hub.


Yes, just like my early street, square taper Schlumpf in frame disc hub!


FWIW, if you ever want to put an ISIS hub in a frame that expects 40mm bearings

In reverse, for a square taper hub that typically has 40mm bearings in a frame that expects 42mm bearings I would use shims like this

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Thanks for this.

Sadly as this was for a schlumpf with non removal bearings the set you mentioned wasn’t an option.

I toyed with trying shims in a KH frame but the torque reaction of the gear would be too risky and they’d slip

I’ve ended up converting the frame pictured above to be rideable so we’re all good as it has 40mm bearing mounts. But I posted this thread when I wondered if my Triton could would with the 40mm bearings.

The thread was recently resurrected but the matter is fully resolved :gear::pray:

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The old once, there is a newer batch with 42mm bearing.