Triton 36er w/disc brakes almost done

Just got my new wheel build, stealth rim, foss tube, niterider tire & stainless spokes. So far I am almost 4 lbs lighter than my Nimbus 36er, I can really feel the difference in rotating weight when riding.

Not sure if it is the nightrider tire, a lighter wheel build, narrower hub and overall uni width or a bit of everything but this thing has a little learning curve. Overall it feels much more nimble than my N36.

Any weight savings of the FOSS tube (albeit rotational weight) was negated by a heavy Schlumpf hub on my KH36. My Nimbus (disc brake) Impulse has an aluminum hub and is touted as the “lightest fully kitted 36er on the market”. I can’t tell much difference.

I really like your use of the brake lever way out on the end of a bend-up Shadow HandleBar. I’ve got two Shadows and that is where I always mount my lever. I see a lot of people put a spooner half way up the handle but I my left “braking” hand rarely leaves the handlebar so I figure I might as well have the brake lever out there with it. I’ve tried it the other way but found I need my right “balancing” hand free.

Good looking ride! They are fixing to release a lightweight 36er knobby tire. Put your name on the list.

Put some blue LockTite on the Shadow’s high tensile bolt (more on that in other threads) the next time you’ve got that Gel saddle off. You might look into a Slim. I like mine a lot!