Tripping in Lyon

Heya this is my 4th vid after just a year of unicycling. Where I have mainly worked on my technique and accuracy on jumps from my last vids where I had bigger but easier jumps.

Please comment :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s really impressive for one year. I really liked the editing as well, some of the best backdrops I’ve ever seen on a unicycle video. The whole night theme was kinda cool.

Wow, that’s really good for only 1 year of riding!

Really nicely done. A little dark in places, but you used lighting to good effect.
The music is okay, but about the right pace. Nice editting. Great riding.
I like the lit railing… I think it was on a bridge? Looks cool, dangerous and artistic all at the same time.

amazing editing, great locations, cool nightime based theme, and awesome riding for only a year all there is to be said about this video has already been said. Congrats on the one year of riding and may many more awesome years come your way, keep it up I look forward to more videos from you.