i landed the Tripleflip today:p here is the video:

please comment!

-Raphael Pöham

Nice!! :astonished:
Now must you learn them on flat!!!

CONGRATS!!! I can’t believe how good you are.


Man, You Rocks! I’m destroying my shins to land the doubles and you is triple flipping!

Congratulations… i think that you is the youngest rider to land it :smiley:


good work dude

Very nice man. Yesterday I was actually thinking about when you’ll land the triple (cause didn’t you tell me you did it on a 16 inch?). Feels great to land, doesn’t it?

Awsome, even if I dont see realy the difference to a double.

Would be thousand times cooler if he learns them down bigger or longer things (stairs).

Triple over a 10-set. =p

Its easier to triple a 3 set than triple on flat…

by the way, you inspired me to learn to triple on flat. I worked on it today and almost got it!

Maybe it is easyer on a stairset but it is two thousand times more impressive. I care more on the look of something ;).

thats awesome. are you seriously 12?
that so cool man.

Awesome. I expect you to join the Quad flip comp :slight_smile:

Raphi, you are learning to quick!

It was really fun to ride with you at GMTW.


wow. Very impressive.