Tripleflip and Hick Triple!!!

I know flips are ugly SIF so don’t comment on that. It’s just the way i flip fastest :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s because you’re a trials rider.

hahaha but nice! :smiley:

Awesome! I might try SIF flips…

You can try but it might be a stupid idea. It’s more difficult to do down obstacels and looks ugly… IMO :stuck_out_tongue: i can’t even tripleflip SI twohanded so you might get stuck with SIF flips…

It´s cool you landed it, your development is truly stunning, but I would not like to see a trend where people started doing tripleflips like that. When I learned tripleflips it wasn´t even common to use both hands. A real tripleflip should have the same look as a single or doubleflip, just look bigger, in my opinion. Two hands on the handle is ok, but SIF does not look good.

EDIT: Sorry, I guess I was forced to common on that anyway.

As i said i already know that! Guess i will only do Hickflips and treys so it doesn’t look so bad :stuck_out_tongue: Untill i learn triples SI :smiley:

I was talking about the trick in general, I didn´t tell you to stop do what you are doing. :slight_smile:

as well as the SIF, you know what else is ugly? the way you hop out of them. once you can just roll out of them with no hops then it will look so much smoother, cleaner and more stylish. good work btw! such fast flips

I know. I need to work on that :stuck_out_tongue: still waiting for the snow to disappear, so i have more space :smiley:

That damn snow here in Denmark :frowning:

weird, I kinda like the SIF triple, in my opinion it has a nice big shape :stuck_out_tongue: didn’t like the hick though, I reckon if you roll out of the SIF triple it’ll look so sick!

I’m already working on getting better at that. but it’s difficult when you only have a ‘3-rev-room’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Pshhh your room is huge compared to what I’ve been riding in all winter!!

That doesn’t mean that it’s big…