Triplebackflip - On flat(ish)

Half flips don’t exist, right? In Maths and Physics we round 0.5 up.

Bear that in mind with this…


[EDIT] Vid will be up shortly when yourtub get’s it together.

Id count it as one. Good freaking job!!!

Im still just on single flips. lol

It totally counts, man.

Amazing!! Great job!

Wow, where are the people saying it wasn’t full?

Well, thanks guys, it means a lot. I’d already had a few beers when I landed it, not something to be proud of I guess, but still, pretty good me thinks.


I’d say it definitely counts…it was just “sketchy” haha.

But that was sweet, good job man!

clearly that was not full :wink: jk

great job

I agree. Good job!
Who’s Peter?

that was most def a triple back


well if you want to be scientifical… if the number before the 5 we are rounding is odd the number does go up. but in this case the number before was even so it rounds down to a double flip.
joking man,
nice flip, that does count though

i liked the response video! THAT MADE MY DAY, MATE!

oh… and good job on the triplebackflips.

Even if you didn’t consider that full, it was more than 2.5. Closer to like 2.75.

Nice job!

holy crap i cant even do one!!
thats awesome either way!!

Now that was sick.Great job Mike

Well done! It’s definitely a triplebackflip!

that was quite amazing, i love you mike :)not really i hate you

haha, seriously though
good job.

Wow, thanks guys! I hope to get a better one soon, probably at fluck.

Dude, I love that response!


Hahahaha, that’s me :stuck_out_tongue:
I saw the vid like 5 times, and I did notice it until you said that :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, it’s nice Mike, REALY NICE.
Guess I own you 2 beers now at FLUCK :wink:
And a challenge: land a quaddruple back and I buy you a case of beer (joking)
Peter M

mike that was siiiiiiiick, good job man. haha, i also saw that video that someone used to reply to it.



that was good.

mike stop making us all look bad.

bye byeeee

That was amazing!!