Hey, im hearing about all these new tricks, wondering if people could tell me an example of wht they are, small spin?

One footer no footer?

I can prolly do all these, idk, but im not informed on wht their actual names are?

skate mount

acid drop mount

then wht does static mean like static hop?

half flip?

super wrap?

well hope i can get some info bout it. thx :thinking:

k well i see wht a small spin is, and some flips, they have to do with crankspins, but wht about the others?

A static hop is a hop while not moving. A rolling hop is a hop while you are rolling (moving).

one footed riding-riding w/ one foot

no footer- an airborn trick where your feet are taken off the pedals

skate mount-pushing a BC wheel w/ one foot and jumping on and riding

acid drop-my trick- hold the unicycle sideways in front of you, jump and land on the unicycle

static is still … not rolling

half flip is 1/2 of a crankflip

i have never heard of a super wrap, but a seat wrap is when you wrap your leg around the seat

A super wrap is something like wrapping both legs around the seat, twice…it looks more like wrapping the seat around your legs actually. Dan Heaton does it in his section of Defect.
I think that’s what it is anyway.

nope, that’s a leg wrap. A seat wrap is where you wrap the seat around you, while you are standing on the cranks (well, this is actually two leg wraps, but whatever).

a One Footer is a No Footer with one Foot resting on the pedal during air time.

Hey we had a discussion on wraps and leg arounds in this thread: Has anyone landed a no footed seat wrap?

These are the correct/standard names:

I did edit the post a bit, from the orignal thread (adding in video links and what not)

Don’t mean to be mean but is the only thing that differentiates your trick from others previously done (by kevin mc mullin, myself and probably others) the fact that you hold the unicycle sideways? Because that seem pretty pointless.

naw, it makes a big difference, because in your trick you could hold it 1" off the ground and jump on and it would be the same trick, but w/ the acid drop…it has to be sideways, then the uni has to travel from your chest area to your feet.

and yes, that does mean that some of the “acid drops” I did were not acid drops at all, but cavemans.

kk kool, i can do both of those, though, i popped a hole in my tube yesterday, but it was on my cheap little 50 buck uni, get a brand new, Torker Dx, tomarrow!
So theres one day of not unicycling, ill have to find something else to do like situps?

But yea sounds kool.

Not really, you seem to drop the uni before you jump so most of them are just jump mounts.
Here is a frame I took from one of your 180 acid drops right before you jumped off the ground.

Picture 2.png

yeah exactly :confused:
now I do them w/ the uni sideways and its actually kinda challenging
you also land on the uni before you hit the ground…

For a large list of street tricks and descriptions go here.


This is a good beginning. (someone should translate it for german wikipedia.:smiley: )

But i missed one.
For the last weeks i spend much time in static tricks.
The day, Amanda posted her girlsvideo, we lerned the trick, you can see in Celine’s part, where she blocks the tire with her hand and lift her body to the other side of the uni.
But what’s the correct name of this trick?

Hope somebody can understand my terrible english and this silly description… :o


Acids are kinda lame. Cool for one year riders and such, because to those guys it will be hard to learn. But after 2 years I say, don’t do them anymore. Show your skill from what you can do on the uni, not to get on the uni.

-Shaun Johanneson