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I learnd how to ride 1 footed this week. What did you learn this week

I learned how to apply a Nokian Gazza 2.6 tire on my really narrow Yuni frame.

And my seat out in front hops got soo much better.

hopping seat out is cool. ive had my nimbus trials uni for bout 2 weeks and, after learning uniing in the summa on my frends 1, i can hop n ride seat out!!!

I learned a new acting method and it works really well for me.

I’ve learned two level eight skills this week; wheel walk in figure eight, and one foot wheel walk in circle.

What I’ve learned

I’ve learned that If an SUV backs over your Muni, it will bend the frame and one crank. I’ve also learned that these parts can be straightened with a long crowbar to make the Muni rideable, just not as pretty anymore.

I’ve learnt not to wait 3 days before getting X-rays after crashing badly. I’ve also learnt that crutches are a lot more fun when you don’t actually need them.

I’ve learned to freemount and ride a unicycle in 4 days. I can now ride for about as long as I want, until I crash in exhaustion.


I learned how to put my crank back on,tighten it up,ride off,5 minutes later i can tighten it back up,ride off,5 minutes later i can detect it wiggling and tighten it back on…

You should learn how to buy and apply loctite then.

I learned how to idle 1 footed. my longest idle is 20 times so not fully learned but still good. that was in the DUMPING rain too.

uni spin!

I’d suggest a torque wrench. The Loctite won’t do any good if the crank bolts aren’t tight enough to begin with.

Put some Loctite on the crank nut/bolt and then tighten it down to 40 foot-pounds. Let the Loctite dry. The crank should not come loose after that. If it does then the crank taper is damaged and the crank will need to be replaced.

There splined,not tapered.
Amyway, I got it fixed now.

Also learned to do the “tire grab”(is it called that?) When you in the air touch the tire.

I don’t like school, it takes time away from unicycling… So I’ve only gone unicycling about twice in the past three weeks… GRRR.
But I attempted a five foot drop recently, and killed myself. Leaned forward too much. My pedal got bent a little bit, but it’s still useable.

go to chat room!!


I agree!!

i just landed a 2 foot high rolling hop on my 24" muni. (its pretty easy and hard at the same time)