Tricked out 26" Nimbus Muni

FYI: My name is Isaac LeMasters on Shaun’s account. He is here at my house and I am sadly wanting to pass on my Muni. It is a 26" uni with all the upgrades. The unicycle includes the following:

Sun Doublewide 36 hole rim (black)
Profile Cranks (black) 175mm (no scratches)
Poznanter hub (silver)
KH fusion cover on an air saddle. (black)
Gazzoladi 26x3.0 tire with hairs still on. (basically new)
Silver Eastern well used pedals (pedals used on Zack Baldwins uni during Defect)
Yuni frame (black)

This unicycle has been ridden under 10 hours total. I am selling it due to the fact that I am moving to Australia and do not have the room to pack it in my bag. Any other questions feel free to email or this account as shaun will be with me for the next few days.
Thank you for taking the time to read this post!

P.S. Yes thats Shaun in the photo he just got done riding this beast.


Yo, Our bad. haha. He’s asking $500 for it. Which to me is an amazing deal. lol. Seriously, that thing is solid and probably could go for 700 flat. I talked him down, haha. Laters

-Shaun Johanneson

where abouts in australia?

please say brisbane, please say brisbane

Moving to Australia

I will be in the Gold Coast area about 40km south of Brisbane. I am actually flying into Brisbane on the 1st of September! Cant wait to be riding in Australia! I hope that we get to ride together!

-Isaac LeMasters

that’s close enough to brisbane for me, YAY

hooray, yet another brisbane rider (sort of ish)

you ozzies are all so cool. i wanna move down under with all y’alls when i get the chance.

maybe i’ll do a foriegn exchange.

Aw, weak! I need my money for food in college. :frowning: Why must you taunt me?

yeah cant wait for Gold Coast! Its going to be nuts. I leave August 31st. Anyways I need some money for living over there! Anybody interested in this thing?! Come on!

-Isaac LeMasters

if it was 24" I’d buy it, but I won’t fit/ won’t be able to do anything on a 26" muni.

that sucks


Yeah why dont you think you can do anything on a 26"? It really isent not much diffrent than a 24" I use to have both and I prefer 26. What kind of riding are you doing with it. If you are going to be doing street stuff like Justin from Defect, then a 26 is a bad idea, but if your more into riding in the trails I would def. go with a 26. Its faster and way more fun. Anyways I can cut you a better deal if your interested. I am going to put it on ebay soon. Anyways, hoping for some hits here!


I have the sweetest KH 26 in the world! It has a hydro brake even! Its the best 26 ive ever seen and its all mine!

Good 26" Is Tight! Now Tell These People That This Is A Really Nice Uni!

this is a really good uni I won’t fit on:)