Trick ?

What trick is it called when you stand on the arm and kick the wheel whilst weaving the seat through you legs

sorry i dont know im new :slight_smile:



you mean sideways wheelwalk (first trick in this vid) ?

Yeh and the one in your avatar

Do you know if there is any tutorials on this



the trick in my ava is just an wrap walk

don´t know about a tutorial, but i found this threads maybe they help…

probably there are some more topics about this tick in the forums.

I mean like the first trick on ''Flat session ‘’ by rom34160 on youtube

I think he means the Rolling wrap…I think thats the name. Were you push on the tire and wrap your foot around and so on. Hungry4uni made a video of the static one that you might want to learn first it depends. I used his tutorial; Its very good :wink:

ah okey.
then you are right with my ava (rolling wrap = wrap walk)

check out this vid from spencer

Yeh thats the one thanks guys i will try that in a bit :slight_smile:

Your welcome :stuck_out_tongue:

I cant do it now :frowning:

My unicycle fell apart and made me fall back and put a nice big bump on my head :frowning:

Thanks again for all the replys


when i learned this trick i just tryied it for 3 hours but then i could do it^^

hey you guys whats that trick at 0:46 called?