Trick: Scuff Coast-Jon Atwell

hey guys!

i stuck this trick probs 3 days ago but didnt get around to filming it till last night.
so heres the scuff coast:

so whose all landing this these days anyway?

anyone done anything else with it?

jon A

oh so sick. oh so clean:)

Oh so beautiful.



wow, so cleanly done!

Awesome. Now try to hold it downhill. ;]

Wasn’t expecting that. Nice!

1 foot standup coasting backwards has been done before, but wow… thats a extremly nice combo!

Ive combined it. Ive rollingwrap-backroll-scuffcoast?-rollingwrap-varialroll-outsideroll. And ive landed backroll-3.5revs scuffcoast

genial trick and so clean done
can you do it longer?

going to work on that later today but i think so dude

It didn’t sound so cool when you told me about it.

But it sure looks nice :wink:

I liked the little celebration hop too.

Sweet. But its just a Donkey Coast :stuck_out_tongue: Adrien and Daniel Adelander have done them in similar combos.

1 foot standup coasting backwards was done before people even thought about donkey kicks. Why do you guys name everything after those street/flat tricks?

1 foot standup coasting backwards may sound stupid, but thats what it is, nothing else.

The better a flatland rider gets, the more he gets into freestyle IMO. There are just a few tricks that are different (and of course the judging).

Its easier.

I agree, but thats just for people here in the forum.

If you ask a freestyle rider to do a donkey coast, he will be like: What? :thinking:
You should at least know the “real” name haha :wink:

Does anyone else think that the “donkey” prefix sounds ugly?
I think scuffing sounds cooler and its more similar to flatland bmx.

So true!

Donkey sounds really weird, but in Europe everybody is used with that name in flat, so it will not change… Anyway, Scuff Coasting sounds way better!

I dunno… “donkey punch” kinda has a nice ring to it.