trick names

wht are riders talking about when they say fifth flips, or 3/4th flips idk?
I dont get it???
Those kind of flips and stuff?
Then if theyre riding fakie or switch, wth determines wht you call the trick???

A fifth flip is a 540 unispin with a flip. A 3/4 flip would just mean you didnt flip it enough and the cranks landed vertical.
Fakie is riding backwards, if the trick is written with fakie in front of everything then it is just that trick riding backwards but if “fakie” is written at the end, attached before “flip” then they are riding backwards and flipping it backwards. an example of that is hick fakieflip, you are riding backwards and do a 180 unispin with a backflip.
Switch means its in the opposite crank position.

p.s. you make a lot of threads.
and “what” has an “a” in it.

hurrah for 3/4 flips

CKCrowe, great question. I couldn’t figure it out either…

Spencer, good explanation, clearly stated! thanks.