Trick List Thread?

A little while ago i saw a thread that mentioned forming a trick list in some a thread for all to view and add their own instructions or just a new trick.

What happened to that idea, after about a day i never saw the thread again, so i thought I’d bring it back into conversation.

Is there a way to keep it up? Or after too many replies came would it get shut down. And if that’s the case is there any way we could get it so it wouldn’t shut down? Voice your opinion.

If i crap my pants while I ride my unicycle…would it add cushion and make my ride more comfortable? I think so.

Just click on the Then click on the ‘1, 2, 3,>>…Last’ thingy and and you can find almost any thread. If you post a reply to an old post it will pop-up to the ‘view new posts list’ and on the thread list.
And if you want to ask something about tricks or other stuff I recommend posting it to the, not Unicycle Product Reviews.:slight_smile:

i started that thread but no one posted in tricks!!!

Well, yah i most definitly did not mean to put it in this thread, i just thoughut of it while iw as here and im not the sharpest tool in the shed i spose.

Is this the right forum for this thread?