Trick Briefing

Hey, I’m new to the Unicyclist Community. You can call me Travis. I’ve been riding a unicycle for about 5 years but never really researched the different tricks that are performed. Would anybody mind briefing me on a couple beginner tricks? (by beginner tricks, I don’t mean stuff like getting on or riding forward or backward. I already have those down.)

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Hmm, some good basic tricks. I guess riding one fotted, idle, one-footed idling, jump mount, kick-up mount, leg wrap mount, suicide mount, 180s.

Those are all pretty basic, and if searched for on this site, youll find how to do them. You can also go to, that has a lot of good stuff, and there is a few other sites out there but I cant remember the names of them right now.

For trials, there arent many tricks to learn, just skills to be able to help you with trials, like SIF riding and jumping, standstills, ridding skinnies, crank/pedal grabs.

For street the two basic tricks to learn are crankflips, and unispins, then grinding if you want.

Muni there isnt much tricks to learn in it, except riding skinnies and standstills, but those are just riding more than they are tricks.

Basic freestyle stuff are what I mentioned at the top, like the one footed riding ect.

Hope that helps. =p

Trick Briefing

In my information, I am fully supported to user Jerrick. He or she is right. fotted, idle, one-footed idling, jump mount, kick-up mount, leg wrap mount, suicide mount, 180s. These are really good trick. You can try it for better performance. Best of Luck.

Hank Freid

Hi I’m kind of new in the unicycle world myself :slight_smile: I had the same question
like in first add in this page ,I read your answers and all but it’s kind a hard without actually see it. do you know where can I find videos of
similar tricks?


You could look on youtube. Here is a crankflip tutorial. is also a good site. Just look on google and you will find stuff. Ohh and this is a decent site. is a good place to buy unicycles. However you sometimes can find some of their stuff cheaper on different sites.

sorry but may I ask, whats a skinny?

Anything that is skinny.

Oh Right… (not me then!) :wink: