Triathlon shorts are unicycle shorts

The local triathlon shop had an end of season sale on their clothing so I decided to try a pair of triathlon swim/bike/run shorts as unicycling shorts. Triathlon cycling shorts have a thinner quick drying pad. They are also cut differently since they have to be comfortable and functional during the swim and run. All that is a big plus for unicycling comfort.

I got the Pearl Izumi Tri Shorts. MSRP is $55 compared to $50 - $120 for their regular cycling shorts.

The Tri Shorts are very nice for muni and freestyle. The thin pad moves with you. No chafing or uncomfortable seams. You can spread Chamois Butt’r on the pad and it stays comfortable. I haven’t tried them for Coker riding yet.

Another nice advantage is that the shorts and pad dry very quickly. Wash them in the evening, hang them up, and they’re dry by morning.

Who’d of thunk that triathlon shorts would work so well for unicycling. They’re my new favorite shorts.

Thanks, John. I’ll try them next time I buy a pair of riding shorts.

I’m sure Tri shorts and these type of cycling shorts are very comfortable, but I’d feel like I’m riding around in just boxer-briefs! I guess you could throw some shorts over them? That’s why I prefer more of the “baggy” cargo type mountain biking shorts like:

My litmus test is always this:
If my bike/unicycle breaks down in the middle of nowhere and I have to either hitch a ride home or go to some stranger’s house to ask to use the phone or obtain assistance, would I want to look like (to the unitiated) I’m walking around in underwear?

Nothing personal just my personal preference. I’m not sure when it was that road cycling attire became the de-facto off-road attire as well? When I was mountain biking heavily in my past it was always cargo shorts and t-shirts. Now everybody looks like they have some “super power.” (they’re dressed like some mishappen super hero…)
Sorry for the thread-jack…

I’ve bought some tri shorts from Hammer Nutrition. They’ve been reasonably priced.

My style of muni has abrasion tested these shorts on a regular basis. They stand up well.

My favorites are these:

They are very expensive but they’re the best I ever tried.

I wear a loose outer short over the cycling shorts. Partly for style and partly to protect the cycling shorts from rips and abrasions when I fall.

The best knicks I’ve found so far for unicycling are from Cannibal:

Unlike bike shorts and other knicks I have that feel like a huge abrasive wedge in your crotch, the pad/chamois in the Cannibal is super comfortable over long uni rides. The outer parts of the pad where chafing usually happens is quite thin, soft edged and elastic - works great, feels great! The fit of the knicks overall is great also

I usually wear light shorts over knicks, handy to have pockets on long muni rides for maps etc and seems to add comfort, bit of style/modesty/groove there too I guess. Cost-wise the Cannibal’s aren’t the cheapest, but worth it imo. I did a 5 1/2 hour muni ride yesterday and my crotch feels brand new today :slight_smile: