Triathlon on a Unicycle

I know I am not the first to do it, but I did a Triathlon a few weeks ago and used my Schlumpf 36" on the cycle part. I did ok on the cycle coming in 127th place out of 240.

I got a nice picture in their website as well:

I also did a write up and there are some more pictures on our blog:


Awsome effort
Well done

Sounds like an achievement. Congratulations!

I think I’d have similar attitude. Swimming and riding are OK, but running is not my sport. But maybe that’s just the reason to try, at least some short distance one.

congrats. sounds like a great time.

triathlon is definitely on my bucket list.

Excellent effort!

Regarding the average speeds, you mentioned you averaged 20 mph. How did you figure that? I looks like a 14mph avg.

I get 22.64km/h or 14mph, Im guessing roger just forgot to convert. :slight_smile:

What crank length were you running? Great job on the triathlon. I used to do those back in my bike days.

I did not say average, it was my cruising speed. The speed where I was not climbing a hill or being battered by the wind… and there was a lot of that. I had one stretch where I was pushed to get above 11mph. It is also the stretch where I caught a few of the bikes so they must have been suffering as well.

Basically the event was great fun and I really enjoyed doing it on the unicycle. I have a Tri-bike on order so I may do the next one on 2 wheels to see what position I can do with that… lets see. :slight_smile:


I had 140mm cranks.

Great job! Why not add your name and a write-up to the thread I created.

Nice job Roger, I’d say skip the tri bike and keep riding the uni at least you’ll be memorable :smiley:

Also gives you a reason to finish slower :roll_eyes:

I have a race coming up next Sunday, where I’m xpecting to finish just ahead of the DNF’s :stuck_out_tongue: